I have come up with many strategies in my 25 years of studying the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. However, Book-75 (published on Sunday February 19, 2017) is very important because I would classify everything that came before Book-75 as an Old Strategy and everything that came after Book-75 as a New Strategy. My New Strategies override and are better and more accurate than my Old Strategies. Therefore, I suggest you read and study every book I put out starting from Book-75. And to avoid any confusion, I suggest you read these books in order: 75, 76, 77, etc. You can purchase the books below at Amazon for $9.99. Email me the codes on the last page and I will email you the PDF edition of the Kindle (the PDF is easier to read and navigate). A more affordable way to get these books is to join as a Basic, VIP, or Gold member. You can learn more on this page.

IMPORTANT: Books 75, 76, and 77 lay the foundation. Starting from Book-78 I start describing in detail my 30 Day System. The 30 Day System is a predictable way to show a profit every month playing the Win 4 game. At this point in time (March 11, 2017) it looks like the 30 Day System is virtually a guaranteed system for making $400 to $1400 EVERY MONTH playing the Win 4 game. Make sure you read my latest book to stay up to day on this exciting new system! I email Basic, VIP, and Gold members my latest book every Sunday….so make sure you join at one of these 3 levels. 


FREE Report: Email me with “75-INTRO-75” on the subject line of your email and I will email you the Special Introduction to this Kindle book. You can email me at or at You can find this Kindle on Amazon on the link below.






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