Coding Report

The 7 Day System Coding Report is ready!

This is a 247 page PDF report that explains my coding system in detail. This is a separate stand-alone product, separate from my Coding Training Program that I explain HERE  (however, the two supplement each other nicely). To learn all the exciting details of this AMAZING report (and all the Special Bonuses included!) click on the link below to open a special PDF report.  

The 7 Day Coding System Report is Ready!


To get this 274 page PDF, email me with $60-REPORT-7 Day Coding System on the subject line of your email and I will email you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will email you the report right after I get payment. You can email me at



What are the Differences Between the Training and the Report?

The Training and the Report teach the same 7 Day Coding System from two different angles. The Report deals more with providing a very detailed explanation of every part of the coding process. It will teach you how to code the Pick 3 game (1) quickly using Excel and my Programs and (2) more slowly using Pen and Paper systems. NO PROGRAMS will be required if you use the Pen and Paper systems I explain in the Report – however, the coding process will be slower.

The Report has more theory and strategies than the Training. For example, in the Report I explain strategies like Containment, Index, Base, The $1,360 System, the One Number System, etc. – but these strategies are not found in the Training.

The Training is more about you DOING the coding from beginning to end. Also, with the Training, you are pretty much guaranteed to “get it right” because I will personally check your work before sending you the next lesson. This means that the Training is more hands on and practical, whereas the Report is more theoretical and strategy-based. So these two products support each other and they will teach you the same 7 Day Coding System from two different angles; one from a theoretical and strategic angle while the other approach is more practical and hands-on.

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