Below I answer a question regarding my 7 Day Coding System.
I also explain why I am no longer playing Win 4.

I was wondering; do you think there will ever be a way or special program that you can create that can give us not just the 2 digit pairs but also the 3rd digit ? Is there a way to figure out what is the 3rd digit?

It is very simple.

Here is what you do: Enter all the codes you have into the Pair Frequency Finder program and look at the top pair.

For now, lets say its 01.

Now go through your Excel sheet and look at all the codes that have pair 01 and write down the 3rd digit. This will take a while but it will be worth it.

Actually….I will save you some time (if you are doing this for NY): the 3rd digit that hits the most are 4 and 8 (codes 014 and 018). Digits 2, 3, 7, and 9 are next in line.

The second hottest pair is 79 and the 3rd digit tends to be 1, 5, 7, and 8. (if you are coding another state besides NY, you will have to find the 3rd hottest digits on your own; these results are only for NY).

As you can see, there is not ONE single digit that we can add to the 
3rd position; there are more than one.

STRATEGY: Play all 10 numbers for pair 01 and put an extra bet on
the numbers corresponding to codes 014 and 018.

So that is my answer to your question.

And to this I want to add something:
The Win 4 game is turning out to be a big distraction for me.
I am making alot of progress with the Pick 3 game (I am always learning new things about it) but also trying to keep up with the Win 4 game (and having to come up with more money to play Win 4 every week) its taking my focus away from what is working: getting better at hitting the Pick 3 game weekly. 

And I am in fact hitting the Pick 3 game (almost) every week.

That is why I have decided to ignore the Win 4 game completely.
I will only focus on the Pick 3 game from now on.

Remember: what we are trying to do here is basically IMPOSSIBLE;
just ask any Mathematician; trying to predict what number will hit
next in a random game is just not “possible.”

This means that the odds are stacked against us right from the start.

Why make things even more difficult by taking on ANOTHER game
(Win 4) whose odds of winning are even worse (1 out of 10,000)?

This means that the Win 4 game is literally 10 times more difficult to hit than the Pick 3 game (1 out of 1000).

Therefore, I will stop playing Win 4 from now on or making predictions about it or sending out reports about it – and just focus on Pick 3 because that is working; I keep getting better at it all the time. And so far, I keep getting Pick 3 hits almost every week.

Remember the saying: whoever chases two rabbits catches neither of them. So only focus on the game with the best odds: Pick 3.

(If you are Win 4 player, you are not going to like this. Just do this: count all the money you spent playing Win 4 over the years and then compare that with how much you won; I bet that you are showing a loss; you have lost much more than you have won – and there is a good chance that you never won at all.)


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