The List 000-999

After studying the game for 20 years, I have finally been able to identify a list of followers for all 220 box numbers in the Pick 3 game that hit consistently in all states. This system has 60 followers for all 220 Pick 3 numbers, and they are all singles (which hit 72% of the time). So there are no doubles in this system – all the followers are singles. You can see the two versions of the list below. The top one is the regular list presented in a single column. The list is 28 pages long. The second version of the list is the Print Edition (PE) version. This version of the list has the list on two columns so the document is only 16 pages. If you want a physical copy of the list to refer to, this is the list you would print out.


Below is the Print Edition (PE) of the list. The entire list is on 16 pages.


I am offering this list for $99. This will give you the two documents I described above. If interested, send me an email with $99-Followers-GOLD on the subject line of your email. My email is I will then send you a Paypal invoice for $99. I will send you both lists right after I get payment.

SPECIAL BONUS! You will also receive one month of GOLD membership when you purchase this list (I explain my membership levels HERE). As a Gold member you will get access to ALL my programs, including the Win 4/Pick 4 programs. You will also receive several reports that explain my most advanced Pick 3 strategy: The 20 Straight Number System. This is the BEST system I have come up with after studying the Pick 3 game for more than 25 years. Again, email me with $99-Followers-GOLD on the subject line of your email to purchase this list and also get 30 days of Gold membership. 


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