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The META List is HERE. On this Kindle explain how to come up with a very powerful and accurate Pick 3 list that I call the Meta List. Many of the Pick 3 numbers on this amazing list will hit in the next couple of weeks and months. This list is almost like having a cheat sheet for the Pick 3 game. The winning number will be on this list many times. And best of all, this list only has about 44 numbers (all singles). The Pick 3 game has 120 singles – so reducing this list down to the hottest 44 singles is a BIG help. Follow my step-by-step instructions so you too can create the Meta List for your state! If you play the TEXAS Pick 3 game you NEED this Kindle because the Meta List works unusually well in TEXAS! You can download it HERE. 



On this Kindle I explain my updated and improved coding system. A detailed explanation of my coding system is provided along with an Excel sheet that will convert the hot codes into the actual numbers to play for the week. BONUS REPORT: How to Find the Best DOUBLES and TRIPLES to Play. With this new system it is possible to come up with ONE Super Number to play for the week. This kindle explains my absolute BEST Pick 3 system as of October 2021. LINK HERE



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