20 Straight Numbers

Ontario is the BEST

I just sent Gold members a report titled “Ontario is the BEST” where I explained that my 20 straight number system works the best (and faster) in Ontario…better than any other state I have seen (even better than New York). This means that the 20 straight numbers that my system gives you should hit in a week or two..three weeks max. So if […]

I Just Hit 736 Straight in New York

This number is from the 20 Straight Number System. I sent out the list before (you should have it if you are on my email list). The last hit from this system was on SEPTEMBER 10 and the number was 930. That was 3 weeks ago + 2 days (I just put a mark on […]

20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS for Your CA, TX, OH, etc.

Someone purchased the list of 20 straight numbers for CALIFORNIA last night. I did the workout and I just sent the person the list. One of the 20 numbers should hit CA straight in 1 to 3 weeks. Also, this list will give this player clues on the types of numbers that will be hitting CA in […]