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Delaware is up! (NEW Program!)

There is a NEW Lucky program up for Delaware. You will find Delaware here on the menu: Best Programs > LUCKY 14-ARIZONA > LUCKY 14-ARKANSAS > LUCKY 14-CALIFORNIA > LUCKY 14-DELAWARE  > LUCKY 14-FLORIDA > LUCKY 14-GEORGIA > LUCKY 7-MICHIGAN > LUCKY 14-MISSOURI > LUCKY 14-NEBRASKA > LUCKY 14-NEW JERSEY > LUCKY 14-NEW YORK > […]

North Carolina is the Best State (NJ, CA)

New Report on North Carolina, New Jersey, and California. Click on the link below to open  this PDF! NORTH CAROLINA is the BEST-NJ-CA

Michigan and Pennsylvania

Below is part of the email I just sent out to Lucky 7 Club members. Instructions for joining are at the bottom of this email. ================================ My BEST BETS for This Week ================================ I like Michigan and Pennsylvania this week. I like Michigan because even though it got a hit last week (987 on Sunday March 10), it did […]

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon!

The NEW Hit Report Sent! (10 Weeks)

The new Hit Report SENT! This one goes back 10 weeks.  This Hit Report has a NEW format. The older report (December 29) is up on top and the most recent report (March 9) is on the bottom. This means that you can read it sequentially (top to bottom) and the sequence will be correct (unlike the previous version of the report […]

The Secret to (Virtually) Guaranteed Hits in the Pick 3 Game

If you are on my email list, you should have gotten an email from me with this subject line: The Secret to (Virtually) Guaranteed Hits in the Pick 3 Game. If you did not get it, email me with SEND Guaranteed Hits on the subject line of your email and I will send it to you. You […]

NEW and IMPROVED Lucky 7 System! (NY-VA)

I just sent out an amazing update to the Lucky 7 System. Attached to the email were the excel sheets for NEW YORK and VIRGINIA. Did you get this email? If you did not get it, you can get it by emailing me with SEND NY-VA-EXCEL on the subject line of your email. You can email me at […]