I like the idea of having a generic list of 55 numbers that is good for all states. This is the list I came up with. I will test this list out for a while. 017 018 024 025 027028 029 056 057 058059 124 125 127 128129 134 135 137 138145 156 157 158 […]

No More NY Predictions To Be Posted

I did not post the numbers for New York yesterday. The reason being that by now, I have proven my point. The system works in NY. The Basic Box numbers hit consistently. There is no doubt about that now. Those who want the NY numbers can join to access the program. (I like to help out…but I am […]

Phone Coaching for Members

New Phone Coaching Program If you join my ongoing monthly coaching program for $60 a month, you will get a 45 minute phone coaching session. During this coaching session, I will explain the Basic Box program, how it works, and how to get the most out of it. I will answer your questions and give […]

How to use the Basic Box program in Texas

Texas has 4 drawings a day. As long as you enter the last 10 drawings in consecutive order, the Basic Box program should work. Which means you would enter the last 2 days drawings…plus the last 2 drawings of the day before,  for a total of 10 drawings. The 3 basic keys and playlist would […]

7 Keys to Success

Here are 7 strategies to help you get the most out of during the FREE trial until October 5. 1. Test out different programs. Some programs you will like; others you will not like. 2. Find the one program you like the best. This is a program that matches your playing style and how you […]

NJ has 6 Doubles and VA has 4 Doubles

I want to give everybody a heads up; New Jersey just got 6 back to back doubles: And Virginia just got 4 back to back doubles: If you are brand new; this means that singles are about to hit next, especially in New Jersey. This is the best time to start using my C100 system. […]

How to Find a “Good” State

Here is a quick and easy way of finding out if a state is “good” or “bad” to use my systems. Simply look at the last 30 drawings and count how many power numbers have hit. Take a count. Do that for a few states. States with a high count of power numbers are more […]