TWO Coding Systems (Advanced)

Check out my New York page for THIS WEEK (April 10-16) HERE. The numbers on the left are from a 60-number based coding system which is the SAME system that I explain HERE. The numbers on the right are from a 200-number based coding system (code the numbers that hit the following week based on […]

VIRGINIA 55 (FREE Advanced Report: 73 Pages)

This NEW report explains my most advanced Pick 3 Strategy. It is 73 pages long. This report is FREE. The strategy I explain here applies to ALL states. It is the top report HERE. If you want me to email you this report, email me with SEND ME VA55 REPORT on the subject line of […]

How to Use Lottodds (PDF Report–SENT!)

I just sent out the most powerful report I have ever written about the Pick 3 game. This is not a short 5 or 10 page document—it is 58 pages long! In this highly detailed report I explain the basics of using the amazing tools provided by The report has many PICTURES and screenshots […]

Pure Genius: Next Level Tracking Systems

I just found this video on YouTube. It was posted by Darrell Walden Sr; a true master of the game. His channel is here. If you play Pick 3 or Pick 4, I suggest you watch (and rewatch) this video carefully. Here you will find the kind of DEEP analysis of the game that we […]

NEW YORK Pick 3 This Week: 315, 312, 526

This will be useful for those who play New York numbers or who have a 5dimes account: Here are six hot digits for the New York Pick 3 game. They are good for this week (now until Saturday August 3): 3-1-5-2-6-0 Three hot numbers made from these digits are: 315, 312, 526 =========================================== STRATEGY: If you have […]

WIN 4 MASTER: Advanced Coding Lessons

I said that I will be creating an email based training program to train GOLD members on how to code the Win 4 game using my Brand NEW Win 4 Coding Program (this program does most of the thinking and calculating for you; this means that you do NOT have to figure out what the codes are when […]

ADVANCED Win 4 Training (FREE for Gold Members)

I have some exciting news. I sent out a report yesterday stating that the Win 4 programs I have up are of limited use because the codes have to be updated consistently; ideally every week. Therefore, I will do the following: 1-I will create a FREE training course (via email) for Gold members. This will teach you everything you […]

NEW Clean Page (Book-705)

Please read this page (even if you read it before): I cleaned up that page. I removed all the fluff.  Now it gives you a very clear explanation of how to learn my 7 Day Coding System, step by step. I also provide links to the ADVANCED Books: Book-3, Book-704, and (NEW!) Book-705. ================================== Book-705 is up on […]

I just hit 2371 box in New York! (ADVANCED Coding Report SENT)

I just hit 2371 box in New York! This number was predicted by the brand up (updated) New York Win 4 program. This program only gives you 6 Win 4 numbers to play! NEW YORK 6 Last Updated on November 1, 2018 1132 1669 3706 8266 5326 6800 8607 4024 9082 9030 4465 9756 4935 […]