Preview Secrets-2 Right Now!

Kindle device NOT required. Just download the kindle reader HERE and you will be able to read the kindle right on your computer! This is one of my best kindle books. The system I explain here can be used as a pen and paper system; no program required!

Secrets-2 is now just $2.99

Today is Friday April 21. Four of the best Kindles books I have up on Amazon are now just $2.99 (they were previously $9.99). In Secrets-2 I explain a tracking system that does not require the use of any program. This means that this can be used purely as a Pen and Paper system. I reveal […]

3 of My Top Kindle Books

Secrets-3 =========================================== Secrets-2 =========================================== Advanced Tracking Systems (Read this book right after reading Secrets-2)

Secrets-2 and the Black Friday Special

This message is for those of you who took advantage of my Black Friday Special. Again, my Special is 3 month access to ALL my programs, which includes the VIP and Pick 4 programs for just $20. You also get Secrets-2, Secrets-3, and Book-40 with this Special.  The message is this: You will have to […]

Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon!

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon! HERE  

I Like the 7 Day Numbers MORE Now

If you have been following the New York numbers, you know that the numbers are crazy right now: 667 626 388 080 131 752 588 991 745 700….Too many doubles for too long. I have been waiting for an x4x number to hit forever – but I would have gone bankrupt right now if I […]