I Like the 7 Day Numbers MORE Now

If you have been following the New York numbers, you know that the numbers are crazy right now: 667 626 388 080 131 752 588 991 745 700….Too many doubles for too long.

I have been waiting for an x4x number to hit forever – but I would have gone bankrupt right now if I would have played all 20 x4x numbers (or the 40 x4x and x5x numbers) for the last week or two.

Which is making me question the Master Reference Box tracking system (Secrets-2). Its great – but when the numbers “go crazy”, you can lose a lot of money.

This is making me lean more and more on the 7 Day Number system (especially now that they include the Summary Report…which had 52 hits last week!).

And specifically, I am leaning towards playing the FEW 4-way and 3-way numbers I can come up with from the Revelation 60, 40, 20 programs. For example, these are the top numbers from these programs right now using the last 60, 40, and 20 New York numbers from Book-18 (388 080 131 752…).

Revelation 60 Summary Report:
3-Way Match: 047 (1)

Revelation 40 Summary Report:
4-Way Match: 057 (1)
3-Way Match: 067 (1)

Revelation 20 Summary Report:
4-Way Match: 017 (1)

That is just FOUR numbers! 047, 057, 067, 017.

If I play these this week and don’t hit, I am OK.
Not that big of a loss.

At least it’s much better than playing 20 or 40 numbers for a week, and losing a ton of money!

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