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7 Keys to Success

Here are 7 strategies to help you get the most out of during the FREE trial until October 5. 1. Test out different programs. Some programs you will like; others you will not like. 2. Find the one program you like the best. This is a program that matches your playing style and how you […]

Use My Programs for FREE!

I am offering free access to my site, until this coming Saturday October 5. I suggest you use this opportunity to check out all the programs and do as much back testing as possible in your state. This will give you a good idea of how the programs work. To make things easier for you […]

NJ has 6 Doubles and VA has 4 Doubles

I want to give everybody a heads up; New Jersey just got 6 back to back doubles: And Virginia just got 4 back to back doubles: If you are brand new; this means that singles are about to hit next, especially in New Jersey. This is the best time to start using my C100 system. […]

How to Create Your Own Personal Hotlist

I have created several lists.  Question is; how can you create your own personal list of hot numbers?  Very simple; find your favorite numbers near the center of the sum chart. That would be numbers with sum 12 to sum 15. You can pick both singles and doubles or just singles or doubles; it’s up […]

How to Find a “Good” State

Here is a quick and easy way of finding out if a state is “good” or “bad” to use my systems. Simply look at the last 30 drawings and count how many power numbers have hit. Take a count. Do that for a few states. States with a high count of power numbers are more […]

I Won in 4 States

I won in 4 states yesturday! I played the super list yesterday on my 4 favorite states: Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. I won on all 4 states!  Now, the wins were small ($7.50) and all 4 wins came out to be just $30; but money is money. I am sure that in time I […]

Texas Has 4 Games Now (BAD)

Texas has 4 games per day now. However, I do not necessarily see 4 games as a good thing. I think that it just makes things more complicated because now you have more things to consider before playing. Guess what I am doing now? I am playing states with just ONE drawing per day. One […]

Four Stable States

I have found the following four states to be extremely stable. These are the best states for my systems because these states tend to favor singles. You will see MANY power numbers hitting in these states. Power numbers represent the core of the game (sum 9 to 18 numbers; the basic bread and butter numbers […]

Super List 120: NEW Program!

I just created a brand new list: the Super List. This list is the missing link in all of my systems. This list includes 40 doubles. These are the best doubles in the game in my opinion. They hit over and over again. If you play doubles, you definitely want to see this special list […]

643 Straight in New York Using DTD Program

I just got a testimonial of a member of my coaching program who got 643 straight in New York today. He got this hit using the DTD program. You can read his testimonial below. I have been paying a lot of attention to new systems lately but the DTD and Matrix programs are still excellent. […]