Tracking Sheet

How to Track the Numbers

What exactly do I mean when I say that you have to “track the numbers” to find out what line the next hit will come from? Click on the link below to open my latest report – it has the answer! How to Track the Numbers

Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

NEW BOOK: Advanced Tracking Systems!!

You can find this book HERE. Click on the link below to open a PDF Report containing a detailed description of what you will find in this NEW book! ADV-TRACKING-MARCH-15  

Play on Paper 90% of the Time

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I play the pick 3 in Arizona. I tried your system numerous times. I only got one straight hit, but that was years ago and since then your systems just went cold for me and I basically about given up. I don’t play pick 3 all the time anymore. I occasionally […]

The 5 Part Tracking System (5TS)

Let me make this official. I now have a standard 5 part tracking system for the Pick 3 game. This tracking system is on Excel. If you are not good with Excel, you can use a pen and paper graph paper version of the system. I am calling this 5 part tracking system 5TS which […]

Get the AANewYork Personal Tracking Sheet – $29

  This offer is only good if you have read Secrets-2 and you want to take things to another level. You can get it HERE here from Amazon (or email me to get the PDF at I am now offering my personal Excel tracking sheet. This is the tracking sheet I use every day […]

Update on My Next Book: Follower Tracking Sheet for May/June for NY to be Included

I have some exciting news!  I will be including in my next book the results of two months worth of tracking based on the 6 lines of the Follower System. In other words, I will have a chart listing which line the number hit from (line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) from the list […]