A Better List (FREE Report!)

The number 208 just hit New York. However, 028 is NOT on any of the lists I posted on the previous blog.  UPDATE: I just found a better list that has this 028. I just wrote a report that explains this update in detail.  Good New! This report is 100% FREE.  You can find it […]

052 Just Hit New York!

See my previous post.  I predicted three special numbers for NY yesturday  and 025 was one of them. It just hit New York as 052.  Also, 025 is on the Shortlist, which only has 15 numbers.  I will be sending Money Club members a Special Report explaining exactly how I am coming up with my […]


The Rundown-Due Pairs numbers I send out on Sunday morning are good – but the list should be updated every day. For best results, update the list after every drawing (that is what I am doing in New York). Just add the last number that hit in front of the 100 numbers and enter the new set […]

How to Win 80% of the Time!–SENT!

If you are a Money Club member or if you purchased the Followers, check your inbox. I just sent you a Special Report titled The 3 Game Strategy. This strategy replaces The 3 Rules. If you did not get it, email me. 

The 3 Rules—SENT!

ATTENTION purchasers of The Followers and Money Club members: Check your inbox. I just sent you a special report titled: The 3 Rules. These 3 Rules simplify everything. Follow them if you want to hit the Pick 3 game consistently; week after week!

Updated Menu

I moved the programs on the menu. There is no need to have the Win 4, Pick 5, and Mega programs up on top of the menu when they are not being used that much (by most players), so I moved them to the bottom of the menu. There will be another change that you […]


ATTENTION purchasers of The Followers and Money Club members: Check your inbox. I just sent you a Very Important Update to the Follower system (sent from my moneymachine email). I just sent you the Consolidated Followers. This improved and updated list will DRAMATICALLY increase the number of hits you will get playing the Pick 3 game. […]

FREE Access, The $100,000 System, Updates

I have some exciting updates! First of all, if you are new, make sure you email me with FREE ACCESS on the subject line of your email so I can give you FREE access to my programs until FEBRUARY 10. This will give you access to all my Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Take […]

350 Drawings (ALL States)–FREE TRAINING/Access

I have some announcements. First, when coding, use the last 350 codes. This goes for all states. Use the last 350 codes to identify the TWO hotttest pairs in your codes. You do this by using the Pair Frequency Finder programs. > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER-350 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 200 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 150 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER […]

NEW and IMPROVED Lucky 7 System! (NY-VA)

I just sent out an amazing update to the Lucky 7 System. Attached to the email were the excel sheets for NEW YORK and VIRGINIA. Did you get this email? If you did not get it, you can get it by emailing me with SEND NY-VA-EXCEL on the subject line of your email. You can email me at […]