The Box Can be Reduced to Six Digits

I just realized that the 3×3 box can be reduced down to just six digits. Repeating digits can be removed from the box (they are just taking up space) and the box can be consolidated by just using the first six unique digits. For example, this box: Can be reduced to this: ================================= And this […]

Four Updates

A few updates. First, I will be updating THIS PICK 4 product. If you purchased this product you will soon see a NEW report added to the list. This new report will explain my new updated approach to the Pick 4 game. Part of this update is coding states individually (I was previously combining codes […]

These Programs Have Been Moved

These 3 programs have been moved in the menu. The 1400 program (which I use a lot) has been moved up the menu. The 10-Due Pairs is above the Pair Frequency-210 program (which gives you the 10 hottest pairs in the last 200 drawings) because the most due pairs are more important than the hot […]

ADDED: Louisiana, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Tennessee

I have some good news! I will be adding Louisiana, New Mexico, Puerto Rico,and Tennessee to my regular Sunday Report!  So starting this coming Sunday the 10 hot numbers for the week for these states will be posted along with the other states. 

The Program Must Be Updated

I just realized something. The Most Due Straight Front Pairs program hasto be updated because the program should besaying that 99 front pairs were removed on thebottom – but that is not always the case. In the example below, only 89 front pairs wereremoved. Which means that the list of due frontpairs is not really […]

Error—One Number is Missing

I just saw this. I am using the VISUAL DIGIT DIST-COLD 5 program tocome up with the 10 weekly numbers (using the last 200numbers that hit): > VISUAL DIGIT DIST-150> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-200> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-HOT 5> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-COLD 5 <<——-THIS ONE> STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING 60> HIT PARADE 50> HIT PARADE 100 However, there […]


I have 5 updates. 1-Use the updated Checklist system (9 programs instead of 8). If you are a paid member, you should have it. If not, you can purchase it HERE. It includes 6 months of membership. 2-The Checklist system is great – but not every set of numbers you get will be a winner. […]

UPDATES, MO, and NEW Predictions!

I just added some updates to the Straight number report I posted yesturday. So I suggest you upload it again and read page 4 (the top report: The 4-Program STRAIGHT Number Strategy):https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports I just put up numbers for MISSOURI:https://pick3master333.com/2021/01/08/missouri-048-049-059-169-189-467/ If you have NOT seen predictions for your state yet, email me with your state on […]

A Better List (FREE Report!)

The number 208 just hit New York. However, 028 is NOT on any of the lists I posted on the previous blog.  UPDATE: I just found a better list that has this 028. I just wrote a report that explains this update in detail.  Good New! This report is 100% FREE.  You can find it […]

052 Just Hit New York!

See my previous post.  I predicted three special numbers for NY yesturday  and 025 was one of them. It just hit New York as 052.  Also, 025 is on the Shortlist, which only has 15 numbers.  I will be sending Money Club members a Special Report explaining exactly how I am coming up with my […]