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I put up Pick 3 Excel sheets for some states – not all. However, I just put up a sheet you can use for your state. You can find it HERE. This sheet is good for ALL states. You just need to get the distribution of the last 200 numbers that hit your state. READ […]

How to Code the Pick 3 Game ((48 Hours))

Here is my newly updated coding system–HERE. This system gives you both singles and DOUBLES to play. It also provides a better strategy to get STRAIGHT hits. This system is FREE–but only for 48 hours….so you better act FAST.I suggest you download these documents Right NOW!–HERE If you currently have access to my programs, you […]

The Pick 3 Numbers for This Week–SENT! (FREE!)

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. You should have my Pick 3 prediction for your state for THIS WEEK (JAN 26 to FEB 1). This is FREE. If you did not get it, email me with SEND ME THIS WEEKS NUMBERS on the subject line of your email. My email is […]

FREE!—The Numbers for this Week!

I just sent out the numbers for this week (NOV 3-6) for FREE! You should have gotten them if you are on my email list. If you want them, email me with SEND ME NUMBERS NOV 3-6 on the subject line of your email and I will send them to you right away. You can email […]

The Pick 3 Coding System (6 Documents)–SENT (FREE!!)

I just sent out 6 documents that explain my amazing Pick 3 Coding System in detail. Documents 1, 2, and 4 are PDF reports. I suggest you read these first. Documents 3, 5, and 6 are EXCEL sheets. Document 5 is the Excel Conversion Sheet. Use this sheet to turn hot codes into the actual numbers […]


Check your email if you are on my email list.  I just sent out the excel sheet for NEW YORK.  Its FREE.  Let me know if you did not get it and I will email it to you.  The sheet for TEXAS will be ready soon. This sheet gives you 5 SUPER HOT BOX Pick 3 numbers to […]

FREE Access–Use my Pick 3 Programs for FREE!

If you have never used my Pick 3 programs before, you can use them for FREE for the next 10 days. To get free access, email me with FREE Access on the subject line of your email. You can email me at AFTER you have access to my programs, email me with SEND ALL FREE […]


FREE 10 DAY TRAINING HERE FREE REPORTS–If you have not done so already, you can request my free Pick 3 and Win 4 reports by emailing me with SEND FREE REPORTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at WIN 4 (Pick 4 STRAIGHT)–FREE REPORT You can request my free Win 4 Straight […]

Merry Christmas! (FREE Reports, FREE Training)

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you had a great 2018 (I sure did) and wish for you an even better 2019. Suggestion #1: This is a great time to write out what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I suggest you write this list, then PRINT it,  then put this list somewhere where you can see it every […]

My Top 10 List (FREE Pairs!)

NEW Report! Email me with SEND TOP 10 REPORT on the subject line of your email to get it. You can email me at: