“Why are You Still Buying AMC?”

Some people have emailed me asking me why I am still buying AMC stock…even though the price keeps dropping. Here is my response: You have to stay on top of AMC. You have to  be informed because there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes with AMC. I said this before: You […]

I Just Purchased 10 More Shares of AMC @$30 (from Fidelity)

==================================================== I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL:Please help me understand why you keep purchasing AMC when it keeps going down. I have purchased but stopped because it keeps dropping. Thanks for your help. MY RESPONSEYou are obviously not following the AMC movement. You are not staying up to date. I said this before: You have to […]

AMC will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History

I Just Purchased 54 Shares of AMC

I just added 54 more AMC shares to my Fidelity account. I am ignoring all the negativity regarding AMC (mostly coming from The Motley Fool). I am in this for the long term (a year). I now think that most of the “action” for AMC (the big squeeze) will happen sometime between January and June […]

Be Ready: $20 (PANIC)—->> $100 (RELIEF)

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The $20-$300 AMC TRICK (Don’t Fall For it)

I just read an incredible post on Reditt. The post is HERE. Basically‚Ķthe only way we can lose is if we sell. The only way to win is by HOLDING over the long term (at least a YEAR). Therefore, Citadel will use all sorts of psychological tricks to create FEAR and make people sell. One […]

I just signed the Petition

If you own AMC stock, I suggest you sign this petition as well. Stop Market Manipulation on AMC & Game Stop with Naked Short & Short Ladder Attack. Sign….then share the link. ==================================================== EMAIL I JUST GOTHow do buy into AMC?How does it work? I am very interested. MY RESPONSEI suggest you sign up […]

I just bought 20 more shares of AMC

I want to share this (it may help many of you): Right now I am looking to hold for a YEAR. This has given me peace of mind. Basically, short term fluctuations don’t bother me anymore. I suggest you adopt a similar mindset because hoping that the MOASS (Mother Of All Short Squeezes) will happen this […]



AMC Mini Glossary

FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Either the state of being panic-stricken about the stock or an attempt to make others panic stricken about the stock. Diamond Hands = Someone who holds their position and refuses to be shaken by FUD. Crayon Eating = Originated with an investor who promised to eat crayons if GME […]