Indian Players: Watch This AMC Video!

Link to the video on YouTube HERE. Link to AMC on Reddit HERE and HERE. AMC Videos on YouTube HERE. OTHER VIDEOS HERE. You can buy and sell stocks HERE.

AMC: March Will Be Here Soon

I previously predicted that AMC will squeeze sometime between this month and February. I will now update my prediction and say that AMC may very well squeeze in MARCH. I think that all that is going on now is laying the foundation for the BIG Event in March. You can stay up to date on […]

Watch These 16 AMC Videos ($100,000 per Share)

I just watched 16 AMC videos that really helped me understand the manipulation that is going on behind the AMC stock (to make people sell their shares), the psychological tactics being used against us and why the AMC floor is $100,000 per share – and why AMC may very well reach $1,000,000 per share. These […]

AMC Stock Holders: “We are Not Leaving!”

Do NOT Rush to Sell AMC

I read Reddit every day HERE to see what is going on and it is clear that the stock is picking up steam. I wanted to post the following regarding AMC. It has to do with the squeeze. When the price of AMC starts to go up ($100, $500, $1000, etc.)…keep this in mind: Do […]

I am Still Holding AMC…Watch this Video

AMC is still affordable right now at around $40. If you can afford to, I recommend you buy some shares. Check out my previous AMC posts HERE. Stay up to date on AMC HERE.

“Why are You Still Buying AMC?”

Some people have emailed me asking me why I am still buying AMC stock…even though the price keeps dropping. Here is my response: You have to stay on top of AMC. You have to  be informed because there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes with AMC. I said this before: You […]

I Just Purchased 10 More Shares of AMC @$30 (from Fidelity)

==================================================== I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL:Please help me understand why you keep purchasing AMC when it keeps going down. I have purchased but stopped because it keeps dropping. Thanks for your help. MY RESPONSEYou are obviously not following the AMC movement. You are not staying up to date. I said this before: You have to […]

AMC will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History

I Just Purchased 54 Shares of AMC

I just added 54 more AMC shares to my Fidelity account. I am ignoring all the negativity regarding AMC (mostly coming from The Motley Fool). I am in this for the long term (a year). I now think that most of the “action” for AMC (the big squeeze) will happen sometime between January and June […]