Keep an eye on my 5 number page HERE. LOUISIANA: 023 024 025 169 258Good for 14 Days: June 17-30 025 hit Louisiana the next day. One of the 4 other numbers should hit before the 30th:Louisiana: 023 024 169 258 Five numbers (for any state) can be purchased HERE.

FREE Predictions: CA, TX, FL, NC, etc.

FREE Predictions on my Watchlist page HERE.  I am testing out some new systems. I posted the date because I want to know how long it takes for one of the numbers to hit. When you see any of the numbers hit, please let me know. I will be adding predictions for MISSOURI and PENNSYLVANIA tomorrow! 

California and Ohio

For my latest predictions (based on the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM and the 7 LINES SYSTEM) check out my WATCHLIST on THIS PAGE. ===================== I just updated my numbers for NEW YORK….HERE.