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The 86 Hits from Book-19

The 86 Hits from Book-19 The 11 Hits from Book-19 Jan 24 – Jan 30 Sunday-Jan 24 North Carolina: 790 (079) (TOP-1) Virginia: 780 (078) Monday-Jan 25 Arizona: 608 (068) (TOP-1) Illinois: 780 (078) Tuesday-Jan 26 – No hits Wednesday-Jan 27 North Carolina: 907 (079) (TOP-1) Thursday-Jan 28 Virginia: 805 (058) (TOP-1) Friday-Jan 29 […]

Book-20: New Layout, Play ONE Number, And How To Make $150 a Week (Easily!)

  Book-20: New Layout, Play ONE Number, And How To Make $150 a Week (Easily!)–Click on link below to open my NEW Report (FREE): BOOK-20-NEW-LAYOUT  

167 Just Hit New York (716)

Click link to open report. 167 Just Hit New York-716

Guaranteed Money Maker (FREE Money Report!)

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Daily Hit Report Email List (FREE)

Its Wednesday morning, January 27.  As you know, the 7 Day Numbers hit every single day. There are daily hits in several of the 23 states that I am tracking. These 23 states are listed HERE. If you would like to receive an email every morning with the most up to date hits from the 7 […]

Did You Get My Email?

I just sent out an email (Subject line: “Predict Numbers on 7 Day Cycles”). You should have gotten it if you are on my email list. If you are not, email me to be added at, or add your email by clicking on the top link on top of this PAGE.

NEW Report (Where Are The Hits Coming From?)

There were 47 Summary Report hits in Book-18. WHERE are these hits coming from in the report???? Click on the link below to open up a FREE Report with the answer! 18-SUMMARY-REPORT-18