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The 4-Way Report Revisited

I started looking around for another list to cross reference the Master 20 list on the Group Matching System to make the list even shorter. I started using the 4-Way Report. You can cross reference these numbers with the Master 20 numbers to shrink the list. However, I have been having unusual success with just […]

The AB Pair Tends to Hit a Few Drawings Later

The AB pair tends to hit 2 to 8 drawings later. From Feb 17 in New York: Master 20 10 Numbers used: 640 514 149 276 380 885 385 590 369 208 DTD Reference Box 2 4 7 1 3 8 ***421 hit on Feb 21. ====================================== From Feb 18 Master 20 10 Numbers used: […]

3-Way Match Update

What I said about the 3 way numbers not being a good play was based on back testing done in Washington, which is a one draw per day state. This means that more hits should be expected in a two draw per day state like New York. Another point; these 3-way numbers tend to hit […]

3-Way Numbers Not Worth Playing – New Discovery

The feedback I am getting so far is that the single 3-way matching number is not worth playing. There are too few instances of it hitting. However, I just discovered something very interesting. The Master 20 program hit in New York on Feb 20; 891 hit. I am going to highlight the three digits on […]

The Red Numbers

530 hit last night in New York (Friday Feb 21). I have an Excel spreadsheet where I write all the numbers that hit. I update the sheet every night with the numbers that hit that day. Maybe you have something similar or you write your numbers on a notebook.  In any case, I highlighted the 421 that […]

530 in NY was in the Master 20 program

530 hit New York last night (Friday February 21). It was right there on the DTD Reference Box: Master 20 10 Numbers used: 421 891 999 579 060 253 316 640 514 149 DTD Reference Box 7 5 8 3 0 9 Good for the next 4 drawings: 035 037 038 039 057 058 059 […]

Testers Wanted: Find ONE 3-Way Numbers

I am looking for testers again. The task this time will be very specific: back test the brand new Master 20 Overlap program in any state for the last few months and see if you can find what I found on my previous post (Play ONE Number – and HIT!); ONE 3-way matching number that hits in […]