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HOT, MIXED, and COLD States

COLD–I post 10 Pick 3 numbers for the week on Sunday morning for 29 states. These numbers are based on the digit distribution of the last 60 numbers that hit. The Top 10 States are COLD states. This means that the numbers that hit during the week many times come from the 5 coldest digits […]


If your state is not one of the Top 10 States, use the 5 HOTTEST digits (the 10 numbers I post are based on the 5 coldest digits in the last 60 drawings). For example, the 10 numbers for California for this week are: 013 017 018 037 038 078 137 138 178 378.

Washington DC: 019 039 139 159 359

Here is the original list: WASHINGTON, D.C.—Keys 05319Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 24-30)013 015 019 035 039 059 135 139 159 359 (10) REDUCED: 019, 039, 139, 159, 359. I explain how I reduced the 10 numbers down to 5 in this NEW REPORT HERE.

The Top 10 States

Disregard the previous list of states I posted. This is the REAL list of the hottest states to play the 10 numbers I post for the week on Sunday. See the chart below. Next to each state I have the number of hits in the last 6 WEEKS. As you can see, Washington DC has […]

NEW YORK: 137 138 139 379 389

Good for this week (April 24-30) for NEW YORK: 137, 138, 139, 379, 389. NEW Report added HERE! This report explains how I reduced the 10 numbers down to 5.

Pick 4 Straight–TEXAS: 234 347 348 378 478

I will have to go back to THIS PRODUCT and make some changes. I am basing the straight numbers on the hottest front PAIR in the codes. Maybe I should be looking at the hottest DIGIT in the FIRST position in the codes and base the straight numbers on that digit. And then base the […]

Pick 4 Report for April 24, 2022

Below are the box hits from last week (April 17-23). MISSOURI4501 Hit on Monday April 18. NEW JERSEY5931 Hit on Friday April 22.3544 Hit on Saturday April 23. NEW MEXICO6408 Hit on Wednesday April 20.4376 Hit on Wednesday April 20. ========================================Below are the numbers for this week (April 24-30). CALIFORNIA—Play Box and StraightGood for Sunday […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for APRIL 24, 2022

Below are the hits from last week (April 17-23). FLORIDA834 Hit on Sunday April 17. GEORGIA194 Hit on Wednesday April 20.815 Hit on Wednesday April 20. ILLINOIS623 Hit on Sunday April 17.286 Hit on Friday April 22.632 Hit on Saturday April 23. KENTUCKY519 Hit on Wednesday April 20. LOUISIANA640 Hit on Monday April 18. MARYLAND654 […]

Missouri (843), Texas (702, 502), Georgia (815)

I posted 5 numbers for three states on Sunday April 17. The number 843 hit Missouri last night (April 23). This means that one (or two) of the 5 numbers I posted for this week hit. As you can see, TEXAS got two hits (this system works extremely well in TEXAS). And Georgia got one […]

The 5 Number System Works!

I posted a new product last week. This product explains how to reduce the 10 numbers I post on Sunday down to just 5 numbers. The product is HERE. I posted my 5 number prediction for 3 states. Two of those states already got a hit!