Coding System 444

Texas is up on Amazon!

Texas is up on Amazon! Washington DC is up on Amazon! New Jersey is up on Amazon! Florida is up on Amazon! The other states: Kindle Devise NOT Required: You do NOT need a Kindle device to purchase these Kindle books. When you purchase any of the Kindle books, you […]

915 just hit New York (TODAY) and 183 hit last night.

915 just hit New York (TODAY) and 183 hit last night. Guess what? I predicted BOTH of these numbers last Sunday (see previous post). More Good News! The Arizona 27 Report book is up on Amazon! The California book will be up later today! ============================================== Oh…..I am working on a STRAIGHT Number System. But […]

Code 4-3-2 in NY = Number 469 Hit Last Night

If you play the New York numbers and you got the hottest codes for this week the way I explained in the last few 7 Day Books (enter the last 60 codes on the Straight Group Matching 60 program to find the hottest 4-way and 3-way codes) you should have code 4-3-2 on your list […]

Use the Top Matching Codes

I want to clarify something regarding the codes (which I explained in Book-28); in the case below, the codes you would use are the top 5 codes you see in red, NOT just 244 and 314.   Straight Group Matching 60 60 Numbers used: 442 313 241 321 314 144 323 432 444 211 144 […]

My Most POWERFUL and ACCURATE Strategy

I will be revealing my most Powerful and Accurate strategy in Book-28 – and usually it will require that you play LESS than 10 numbers per week! I am never sure if my Kindle will be up on Amazon on Monday (March 28). To guarantee that you get it on SUNDAY morning, I suggest you […]

The 27 Report Books are Coming!

I will be starting a brand NEW book series soon. I will be putting out books with            27 consecutive reports for just ONE state. These Summary Reports will start from Book-1 (Sept 2015) to now, Book-27 (March 2016). Below is one of the covers!

Book 25: Coding System 444 Revealed!

Book-25 will reveal a brand new system: Coding System 444  ==================================== This Special Edition of the 7 Day Numbers will include a brand new coding system I am calling Coding System 444. This is one of the best things I have come up with in a while – and that is saying alot because I […]