0404 STRAIGHT in New York

There was actually a straight Pick 4 hit in New York this week – but the number was on the list for the previous week. Below are the numbers I posted for the week of May 22-28. The number 0404 hit straight the following week (May 29-June 4) on Saturday June 4. So there may […]


EMAIL I JUST GOTHey I will be purchasing your 3 NUMBER SYSTEM next week. Would I get an extension on the programs? (because mines expires on June 4th). Also I just finished the Pick 4 straight and did 280 codes. On paper I had 1 box hit and 1 straight hit for the month of […]


NEW Product for NY Pick 4 Players–HERE. The product here is simple:1-An Excel sheet that gives you the Straight Pick 4 numbers.2-A PDF explaining how to use the Excel sheet. The system is simple and straightforward.NO Coding Required. NOTE: If you previously purchased THIS.. ….this NY product is FREE for you. I just sent you […]


I have updated my Straight Pick 4 System. The NEW way I am approaching the Pick 4 game is by using a 4-part coding system. In other words, I am using 4 different distributions to code the game. This means that I have 4 separate ways of catching a straight hit! If one approach does […]

PICK 4-Another Report Added!

New report just added HERE!


I am not happy with the Pick 4 numbers I have been posting (no straight hits so far). That is why I have been working on a completely NEW approach to the Pick 4 game. If you previously purchased my Pick 4 Straight system HERE, please go back to the product page and download the […]

Four Updates

A few updates. First, I will be updating THIS PICK 4 product. If you purchased this product you will soon see a NEW report added to the list. This new report will explain my new updated approach to the Pick 4 game. Part of this update is coding states individually (I was previously combining codes […]

Pick 4 Straight–TEXAS: 234 347 348 378 478

I will have to go back to THIS PRODUCT and make some changes. I am basing the straight numbers on the hottest front PAIR in the codes. Maybe I should be looking at the hottest DIGIT in the FIRST position in the codes and base the straight numbers on that digit. And then base the […]

PICK 4 Straight Numbers for This Week-April 3-9

CALIFORNIA—Play Box and StraightGood for Sunday to Saturday (April 3-9)1296 2529 5629 6311 6312 6315 6339 6359 FLORIDA—Play Box and StraightGood for Sunday to Saturday (April 3-9)0601 5017 6701 7221 7250 7255 7256 7261 GEORGIA—Play Box and StraightGood for Sunday to Saturday (April 3-9)0549 4049 5309 5339 5370 5374 5377 7495 MARYLAND—Play Box and StraightGood […]


This product is available for purchase–HERE. As I stated previously, I fine-tuned the system so next week’s numbers should be better than the Pick 4 numbers I posted for this week. FREE PREVIEW: You can get the top document (OVERVIEW–READ THIS FIRST) for FREE here (it’s the top document). If you already paid for this: […]