Pick 4 STRAIGHT-The Sheet is Ready!

The Pick 4 sheet is ready. This sheet only gives you 11 STRAIGHT numbers to play. This sheet can be used in ANY state where the Pick 4 game is played. The numbers are good for two weeks. I added the sheet to these two products (so go back to them and download the Excel […]

8988 in NEW YORK

I just updated the Pick 4 sheet for NEW YORK…you can find it HERE. I am posting the sheet HERE. This new sheet replaces the previous sheet. Look at the list of straight numbers from last week (OCT 29). One of the numbers is 8989. The number 8988 hit 7 days last – not a […]

PICK 4 EXCEL Sheet for NY, GA-FREE!!



Pick 4 STRAIGHT–New Page HERE.

STRAIGHT Coding using B9

See this post. Now both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs give you B9 (Box 9). Both boxes look the same. The output now looks like this: B9 is now good for ALL states (including OHIO where the cold digits on the bottom work best). So no need to decide which digits are better […]

The Pick 4 Box (STRAIGHT Coding)

I just put up a program you can use to get the box for the Pick 4 game. Just enter the last 200 Pick 4 numbers for your state starting from the last number that hit on Saturday night. You can find it here on the menu: Below is the current box for New York. […]

0404 STRAIGHT in New York

There was actually a straight Pick 4 hit in New York this week – but the number was on the list for the previous week. Below are the numbers I posted for the week of May 22-28. The number 0404 hit straight the following week (May 29-June 4) on Saturday June 4. So there may […]


EMAIL I JUST GOTHey I will be purchasing your 3 NUMBER SYSTEM next week. Would I get an extension on the programs? (because mines expires on June 4th). Also I just finished the Pick 4 straight and did 280 codes. On paper I had 1 box hit and 1 straight hit for the month of […]


NEW Product for NY Pick 4 Players–HERE. The product here is simple:1-An Excel sheet that gives you the Straight Pick 4 numbers.2-A PDF explaining how to use the Excel sheet. The system is simple and straightforward.NO Coding Required. NOTE: If you previously purchased THIS.. ….this NY product is FREE for you. I just sent you […]


I have updated my Straight Pick 4 System. The NEW way I am approaching the Pick 4 game is by using a 4-part coding system. In other words, I am using 4 different distributions to code the game. This means that I have 4 separate ways of catching a straight hit! If one approach does […]