Revelation 4

The New and Improved Revelation Programs are Ready!

WOW! The New and Improved Revelation Programs are Ready! I am really impressed with how these programs came out. There is ALOT to study here! You can login right now and start back testing these programs in your state; I am sure you will be impressed! (Make sure you have the last 60 numbers that […]

Texas Discovery for Today, Thursday 9-3

Click on Link below to open my latest report! TEXAS-DISCOVERY-9-3

A BIG Improvement to the Top 3 Revelation Programs!

The top 3 Revelation programs (using 20, 40, and 60 drawings) are awesome…but they are about to become even better and more accurate. Below is the NEW updated output for ALL 3 programs. This new updated version will predict MANY hits! It will be up in a day or two. Notice that the new version […]

NEW Program: Revelation 4-60

PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS: This program is the 60 number version of the regular Revelation 4 program. This program will only work with 60 numbers; you will get an error message if less than 60 numbers are entered. If you copy a large list into the top input box, the program will only use the first 60 […]

Revelation 4 Will Be Included on the Cheat Sheet

I will be including the Revelation 4 box for the last 60 numbers on the Cheat Sheet…so I will review how the program works. This program automatically converts all numbers to their box format (low to high digits). This program (which I described in Volume 1) is a special Reference Box that gives you BOX […]

Program Instructions for the Brand New Revelation 4X Program

Program Instructions for the Brand New Revelation 4X Program:

NEW Pick 3 Report — WOW!!

NEW Pick 3 Report — WOW!! Click on link below to open my brand new report! Revelation 4X-MAY-4-2015

New Report for 8-20-2014

New Report: Find out what’s working right now in Pick 3! Whats-Working-Now-Aug-20-2014