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Why AMC may Hit $500,000 per Share

Please read this post: Detailed Explanation Why the 500k Floor is Mathematically Possible—HERE NOTE:MOASS means: Mother Of All Short Squeezes Then watch this video:

Pick 3 Numbers for June 20 to June 26

Below are the hits from last week (June 13-19). FLORIDA143 Hit on Thursday June 17.516 Hit on Friday June 18. INDIANA578 Hit on Monday June 14. KENTUCKY108 Hit on Tuesday June 15. NEW JERSEY305 Hit on Friday June 18.502 Hit on Friday June 18. NORTH CAROLINA493 Hit on Friday June 18. ONTARIO473 Hit on Wednesday […]

WARNING–Continue to HOLD onto AMC No Matter What

You should expect to see many articles and newscasts with negative information regarding AMC. Below is just one example (this article can be found HERE). The purpose of these articles is to scare people so they sell their shares. What the big hedge funds want is for you to sell your stocks. If you do […]

The $1700 System—Part 2 (Better System)

I just improved the stock system I explained yesterday. You do NOT need to use Alerts with this NEW and IMPROVED system. Also…You will show a profit 100% of the time when you SELL a stockusing this NEW system. I explain all the details on this report:The $1700 System—Part 2 Its the top report here:

How to Make $1,700 with TESLA in 3 Days

It will take a while for AMC to go up to $100 per share. It will take more time for it to go up to $500. Then $1,000 per share. And hopefully…$2,000 per share and more. In the meantime, I will be sharing with you what I amlearning as I pay more and more attention […]

AMC Will Hit $100 Soon

It is now Tuesday June 15, 11:48 AM. I just sent an AMC Update. If you are on my email list, check your inbox. If you do not see my email (or if you are not on my email list) email me with SEND ME AMC UPDATE–$100 on the subject line of your email and […]

Pick 3 Numbers for June 13 to June 19

Below are the hits from last week (June 6-12). ARKANSAS721 Hit on Tuesday June 8. CALIFORNIA872 Hit on Wednesday June 9. FLORIDA615 Hit on Sunday June 6.465 Hit on Saturday June 12. ILLINOIS721 Hit on Monday June 7. INDIANA852 Hit on Thursday June 10. KENTUCKY965 Hit on Wednesday June 9.196 Hit on Thursday June 10.109 […]

Explanation of the AMC Short Squeeze

The post below (which I found on Reddit) will bring someclarity to the AMC situation. It is a fascinating read. Copied from FB post by M.R found HERE. For all of the new baby apes. I know a lot of you have questions, andI thought it would be helpful to provide you with some overall […]

Keep Buying AMC

AMC May Go up to $1533 per Share (So Hold and be Patient)