STATIC Numbers

The 4 Static Lines (New FREE Report!)

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Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia

Below are the 40 static numbers due in GA, NC and VA.  I got them using the Static 40 program. I then used the Key-40 System program to get the two key digits. I used these two key digits to reduce the list. For example, when I entered the last 10 numbers in Georgia (481 […]

Static and Dynamic Numbers

I will update the list under the Static 40 and Static 30 programs soon so they have the two lists below under them. Notice that there are more Static numbers (64) than Dynamic numbers (56). The 791 that just hit NY is a Dynamic number (179). To learn more about these two types of numbers, […]

How to Reduce Any List Using the STATIC List (FREE Report!)

I have not said much about the brand NEW STATIC programs: Best Programs > RUNDOWN-DUE PAIRS > STATIC 40 <<—————–NEW! > STATIC 30 <<—————–NEW! > THE RUNDOWN LIST > RUNDOWN LIST-REDUCED > 40 DUE SINGLES But I say alot about these NEW programs on a brand NEW report I just posted. This report is FREE! […]