Group Matching System

FREE Report: 3 Powerful Filters and 40 Hot Numbers

Click on link below to open the free report. 3-powerful-filters-40 ================================= 40 Box Numbers for NY (892 just hit NY) 013 014 015 017 018 019 023 027 028 029 034 035 036 037 038 039 048 049 057 067 068 079 089 123 124 134 135 136 137 138 139 145 146 148 157 […]

Q and A on the Group Matching System and FREE Access

EMAIL I JUST GOT Greetings. I purchased the book and need some assistance. You mentioned a program in the book and excuse me for not comprehending but please provide more details. Is this a program we have to purchase or are you calling the Groups programs?  For instance, please tell me the next steps to […]

245 in New York (Predicted on August 5 by two programs)

452 hit New York yesterday, August 12, 2015. I just put in the 60 numbers from August 5 into the Pair Frequency Finder and the Group Matching System programs. The top pair was 45 and the hottest number was 245. LESSON: Pay attention when there is a connection between the 3-way number and the hottest […]

Use the Last 200 Numbers to Get a Shorter List of Straight and Hotlist Numbers

I was able to reduce the 9 straight numbers for New York down to 5 straight numbers and the 20 hotlist numbers down to just 8 numbers by using the last (most recent) 200 numbers on the Straight and regular Group Matching system programs (instead of the last 300 numbers). You can do the same […]

5Dimes and Group Matching 300 (STRT-1 and 2)

I have two announcements. First, I will be including the online betting information ( on the Straight-3 book. This book will be up on Amazon by August 15. I said I would put out this information on Volume 3, but I don’t know when I will get back to the Volume series, so I will include […]

NEW Program: Group Matching System 60

Here are the instructions that come with this new program. It gives you a very good idea of what this program does: This program is exactly like the other Group Matching System program except that this version uses 60 numbers. Copy and paste numbers into the top input box. The program will only use the […]

System 88 (Brand New!!)

Brand New System!! SYSTEM-88

Update to the Group Matching System

There will be a simple (but very useful) update to the Group Matching System program coming up soon: it will list the numbers that hit just once as the 1-Way Match list (see below). Enter the last 100 numbers and this 1-way list will quickly tell you numbers that are due to hit soon. Cross […]

A Straight Hit in Texas – Report for 8-8-2014

Click on the link below to open new report for August 8, 2014.  A Straight Hit in Texas

My Crazy Idea – A Pick 3 Breakthrough Strategy!

Get ready to be amazed! First read this: JULY-31-Report-15N ============================ Then read this: My Crazy Idea-7-31-2014