Testimonial I Just Got (Take 5 Update)

Thanks for the updates. I really appreciate the way u keep them coming. Also I wanted to let u know that on 10/26 I used your distribution system -40 and one of the numbers that came up was 489. To make a long story short, I played it and WON! and I played it the way […]

Testimonial (The Leader System Works!) – $400 Won!

I just got this email (I explain the Leader System in detail in Book-80, which is FREE! Email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com to get it!). Anthony, I love you!  I just won $400 playing Missouri Pick 3 midday Game. The number drawn was 003 and I played 003 $1 straight/box based on information you sent out Saturday in […]

Testimonial: 3 Hits in One Week!

Hi! I will definitely join your paid membership. It’s really worth it Mr. Anthony. I got so far 3 hits this week and still long way to go. Still learning new things everyday. I am going to review your 7 day books this week. It really works. Thank you so much for all your work […]

Revelation 60 Testimonial

Hi Anthony, Just thought I would pass along my experience with the Rev60 Box. I have been tracking it for 96 draws (almost 7 weeks) and there has never been a draw that didn’t have at least 1 digit from the top 4 rows. 21% of the time the winning combo has one digit from […]

Testimonial I Just Got

Quick note as I am always running two jobs and have four kids. I just wanted to say that you have got to be the best one out there. The hits are happening here in Ga. You are brilliant and I aim to get my hands on everything that you write. Only thing is I […]

Email I Just Got: McArthur GENIUS Grant Award

Hi Anthony, Last night I read through the three books I purchased and on page 23 (of your “Pick 3 Followers: Delta 5 and the Shortlist“) I played all your Delta numbers of PA’s prior winning number (267) boxed and I won a boxed amount ($40.) for the Delta number 379 (which came out as […]