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478 Straight in New York

I mentioned this before; the top number in the box will hit straight sometimes. It just did in New York. Notice that 478 was the top number in the box last week as well. 478 was the top number in the box on October 1 and October 8 (you always get the box on Saturday […]

VIRGINIA 55 (FREE Advanced Report: 73 Pages)

This NEW report explains my most advanced Pick 3 Strategy. It is 73 pages long. This report is FREE. The strategy I explain here applies to ALL states. It is the top report HERE. If you want me to email you this report, email me with SEND ME VA55 REPORT on the subject line of […]

NEW Kindle: The 6 Locations

To get the PDF edition of this Kindle….just email me proof of purchase and I will send you the PDF edition.

The META List Kinde is up on Amazon!

The META List is HERE. On this Kindle I explain how to come up with a very powerful and accurate Pick 3 list that I call the Meta List. Many of the Pick 3 numbers on this amazing list will hit in the next couple of weeks and months. This list is almost like having a cheat […]

The TENNESSEE Kindle is Up on Amazon!

The Kindle is up on Amazon HERE. Purchase includes the Excel sheet for TN, all the codes for TN, plus a Bonus Report on how to find the hottest Doubles and Triples. UPDATE: I will be posting the META List for TN later this week! When you use BOTH systems together (Coding and the Meta […]

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon!

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon! HOW CODING WORKS This Kindle explains my updated and improved coding system. This is the same system that predicted 809 and 908 for New York on Wednesday. This system also predicted the 051 that hit Pennsylvania on Monday (Sept 17). (Enter the distribution for Saturday Sept 25 into […]

How to Find the Hottest DOUBLES and TRIPLES 

My new Kindle (How Coding Works) will be up on Amazonin a day or two. Here I explain how my updated coding systemworks. I use Pennsylvania numbers in my explanation but thesystem works in all states. After you purchase the Kindle (I will send out the linkonce its up), go to the last page. There […]

Pennsylvania and Tennessee

Two announcements. First, I just sent out an update for New York. If you are my NY list, check your inbox. If you want to be added to my NY list, email me with ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email. Second, I am working on the Kindle for […]

36 Straight Numbers is up on Amazon!

36 Straight Numbers PDF for $9.99

For those of you who can not purchase the Kindle on Amazon…. I can email you the PDF edition of the 36 Straight Numbers Kindle for $9.99. Just email me (at with$9.99–36 Straight Numbers PDFon the subject line of your email and I willsend you a Paypal invoice for $9.99. I will email you […]