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Pennsylvania and Tennessee

Two announcements. First, I just sent out an update for New York. If you are my NY list, check your inbox. If you want to be added to my NY list, email me with ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email. Second, I am working on the Kindle for […]

36 Straight Numbers is up on Amazon!

36 Straight Numbers PDF for $9.99

For those of you who can not purchase the Kindle on Amazon…. I can email you the PDF edition of the 36 Straight Numbers Kindle for $9.99. Just email me (at with$9.99–36 Straight Numbers PDFon the subject line of your email and I willsend you a Paypal invoice for $9.99. I will email you […]

Coming Soon: 36 Straight Numbers (System Explained)

The 36 straight numbers I posted (for the week of MAY 9-15) generated 13 straight numbers. In this Kindle I explain how the system works. I also explain how to make the system profitable by playing less days (not all 7 days) and how to track the Win-Lose cycle (if there were no hits in […]

My Best Pick 3 System (May 2020)

This is my latest Kindle. I posted the first part of this Kindle for free on my website. However, the second part of this Kindle has NEW information on how to narrow down the last two sets of 51 followers to a short list of about 19 to 25 numbers. These numbers hit more frequently […]

17 Steps to Success!

================================================= Click on the link below to open up the FREE PDF edition! 17 STEPS to Success-FREE Edition  

Book-704 – Advanced Coding Strategies

The 7 Day Coding System is my most advanced Pick 3 system. This is the system I am using to hit the Pick 3 game 1 to 7 times PER WEEK, as you can see HERE. There are currently 3 books or reports that explain how this system works.  BOOK-1 is the Introduction. This is […]

Book-4 (Additional Details, Specials)

New Report! Click on the link below to open it. 4-BOOK-4-SPECIAL

Book-4 is up on Amazon!

Book-4 is up on Amazon! IMPORTANT: You should read Book-3 before reading this Kindle. ========================== I have discussed many strategies in the past, but the system I explain in this book series is the BEST system I have ever come up with in my many years of studying the game. These are the previous books in the […]

Book-4 is Coming!

Click on the link below to open my latest PDF report. This report will give you a  preview of what you will find in Book-4! 4-BOOK-4-PREVIEW