My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon!

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon!


This Kindle explains my updated and improved coding system.

This is the same system that predicted 809 and 908 for New York on Wednesday.

This system also predicted the 051 that hit Pennsylvania on Monday (Sept 17). (Enter the distribution for Saturday Sept 25 into the PA sheet provided and look at the 6 hot pairs and the 10 due pairs for the week and you will see  what I mean).

TIP: You can find the distribution for PA for SEPT 25 here:

It is now clear to me that this system can be used to predict ONE super number for the week based on the top 6 pairs, 10 due pairs, and due straight pairs.

I will have follow up reports to explain exactly how this is done in more detail…but the most important thing right now is for you to learn how the system works by reading this revealing Kindle (go to the last page to get a link to a page where you can download the PDF edition of the Kindle and the Excel sheet that will turn the hot codes into the actual numbers to play for the week).


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