Control List

Digits 3 and 4 in New York: 048 049 123 124 134 136 137 138 (8). The Control List

I like digits 3 and 4 in NY (I will explain why in a future report or book; not sure yet). Entering digits 3 and 4 on the brand new Hit Parade 100 program gives me a list of 52 numbers that have a 3 or 4 in them: List 34: 013 023 024 034 […]

New York Number Player

Check this site at the start of every month if you play the New York Pick 3 game: Now, go to the middle of the page and look at the 5 digits in his Trap-Skeet layout. For this month the five digits are 01569. Now go here: Enter the five digits and the […]

The Watch List Report (Aug 26)

How did I come up with that list of 10 numbers that resulted in a hit 2 days later? Click on the link below to open up my report that tells you how! 10-WatchList-Report

643 (346) hit New York on Monday Aug 25

One of the 10 numbers I posted hit New York 2 days later. 643 (346) hit New York on midday on Monday August 25. 127, 145, 156, 179, 238, 246, 248, 346, 357, 378

Key 2358

I found an interesting way of reducing the list of 64 singles on the control list. If you put all 64 numbers on the Visual Digit Distribution program, you will see that the top four digits on the list are 2, 3, 5, and 8…or 2358. This means that if 237 hits (which has digits 23 […]

The 36 Doubles That Matter the Most

I just put up two “Super List 136” programs based on an experimental list. After the program was up, I figured out a way to shrink it down to just 100 numbers. This means that I will soon replace these 136 numbers with just 100 numbers.  My future “Super List 100” programs will replace this list […]

New Updated Control List

I made a few changes to the Control list. The main sums in the Pick 3 game are 12, 13, 14, and 15. Numbers with these sums form the “core” of the game, as you can see on these charts: Sum Charts.  So I took out four high sum numbers (457 458, 459, 468) and […]

I Just Found “The Ultimate Solution”

I believe I have solved the Pick 3 riddle. After YEARS of searching, I have finally cracked the Pick 3 code. But before I get into that, let me point out that I have updated the 3 Points. I have updated my Ultimate Goal. My Ultimate Goal is simply to win consistently. That’s it. Consistency […]

$1,418 Profit Playing Pick 4

I have taken the $600 System to another level. I just figured out how to: 1. Come up with a unique Control List for YOUR state. I have a generic 60 number Control List good for all states. But I have news for you: The new system I just come up with will teach you […]

Email Me if You See 6 Misses in Any State

The key to cracking the Pick 3 game may be having a fixed playlist that you use as your control list and then only playing in states where these control numbers have NOT hit in 6 or more drawings.  That is the perfect time to play because it means that the control numbers are about […]