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These are my NY Pick 3 numbers for this week: To be added to my Special New York list (to get Updates and Hot Numbers), email me with ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email. You can email me at

580 Straight in New York

580 just hit New York.

972 Just Hit New York

972 Just Hit New York–HERE Notice that 297 is one of my top 3 numbers for NY this week: Also, 97 is my hottest pair. Notice that 897 is my TOP hot number for NY this week. This means that one of these numbers can hit straightin NY this week sometime between now and Saturday […]

New York Players

New York Players….go HERE.

NEW YORK Special for This Week!


New York: 025 and 205 Straight

New York: Good for Sunday to Saturday (Aug 15-21)025 and 205 StraightHot Number: 750Hot Pairs: 05 and 12

NY Pick 4 Players….

I will be posting the excel sheet for Pick 4 here:

579 Just Hit New York

I posted this is also on the Excel sheet for this week.

NEW YORK Sheet Added (FREE)

I just added the sheet for New York! You can find it HERE.

NEW YORK–Sunday-Feb 22

Good for Tuesday and Wednesday. SUPER HOT8-Way Match: 589 (1)7-Way Match: 049 (1) HOT6-Way Match: 014 015 038 045 048 569 579 (7) OTHERS5-Way Match: 012 013 016 036 037 056 058 289 346 459 578 (11) The 10 Most Due Pairs03 13 16 58 6957 08 01 67 47