New York

986 Just Hit New York

Since the numbers on the Excel sheet are good for TWO weeks, look at both this and last weeks sheet. For example, the 986 that just hit NY is not on this weeks sheet but it is on last weeks sheet (OCT 22). 986 is in the 4 magic digits and the top two pairs. […]

ONE Number System: 147

I am predicting ONE number for New York: 147. This number can hit any way: 147, 174, 417, 471, 714, or 741. I am not sure when it will hit, but it will hit. I will be adding a new report to this product explaining the system I used:

NEW YORK: 127 147 579

These are the top 3 numbers for NY right now. NEW YORK: 127 147 579 They are good until one of them hits. 

874 Just Hit New York

The NY page is HERE.

512 Just Hit New York

Another hit from my NY list! 128 hit yesterday (821) and 125 hit today (512).

821 Just Hit New York

If you play New York numbers, always check my NY page HERE.

987 Hit New York

I post my predictions for NY on THIS PAGE.

NEW YORK: 379 376 025 179 056

These are my updated numbers for NY. They are arranged in order of importance. NEW YORK: 379 376 025 179 056Good for 10 Days: June 18-27 379 is the best number to play in NY. I have to add 376 because of Rule 69. This is followed by 025, 179, and 056. If playing 179, […]

970 Just Hit New York

Posted on the NY page HERE. I explain the top RED numbers on my notes on THIS PRODUCT.

697 Just Hit New York

Always check my NY page HERE. This number was hot last week as well….so I knew it was coming. I originally had it as 697….then changed it to 679…oh well. This number was also predicted by my new 7 LINES System, which is part of the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM.