New York

19 Straight Numbers for New York (9-4-2017)

One or more of these 19 straight numbers should hit New York in the next 1 to 3 weeks: 048, 091, 167, 238, 246, 290, 472, 509, 538 562, 573, 632, 815, 820, 832, 914, 923, 943, 962 I actually started out with 20 numbers….but 271 already hit, as you can see HERE.  These straight numbers […]

I Just Hit 271 Straight in New York!

I Just Hit 079 Straight in New York

I got this hit using the the brand new Straight Number System I have been talking about now for about 3 weeks. I started using this system last week in New York (Sun July 30 to Sat Aug 5) but I got no hits. But I got a hit this week (Sun Aug 6 to […]

Play 578 and 469 in New York for a Week or Two

The following holds true if you have a 5dimes account or if you play New York numbers: Play 578 and 469 (box and straight) in New York for the next week or two. One or both of these two numbers should hit. ======================================= ======================================= Something every player needs is a list of the hottest 30 to […]

I Just Hit 268 in New York

Click on the links below to open two PDF reports with all the exciting details of this hit! I Just Hit 268 in New York New York Report for May 12

I Just Hit 378 Straight in New York (5 Updates)

I have decided to play all 20 numbers from the 20 Numbers program for New York because even though it is costly (20 box numbers  = 108 straight numbers at 0.25 cent is $27 per drawing which is $54 per day) I see that I will still come out ahead financially because this program hits […]

583 Just Hit New York!

New Report!  Click on link below to open this free PDF! 583-just-hit-new-york