New York

How to Get a 3×3 Box for the Pick 3 Game (Good for ALL States). I am taking a break from the numbers (busy with other things right now). However, I want to explain a very powerful Pick 3 system that you can use on Saturday night. This system will give you a 3×3 box good for the next two weeks. To get this box, do this: Enter the last 200 numbers (starting from the last number that hit on Saturday night) into the Reference Box 210 program. Use the top 3 levels of the Reference Box in the output. See below.

Now LOOK at the 3×3 box carefully. Based on this box I would say that these numbers have a good chance of hitting in the next two weeks: 459, 457, 357, and 579. I would take a look at the COLD and HOT pairs as well for clues on what may hit. For example, pairs 69 and 46 are due (and pair 49 is hot)…so 469, 946 and 949 look good. Pair 04 is the hottest pair; so 045 and 047 are excellent numbers to play.

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