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304 Just Hit New York (FREE Report!)

Click below to open my latest FREE Report. 304 Just Hit New York  

The Book for YOUR state is Coming Soon!

I am getting ready to put out the 27 Reports books: You can see some of the book covers at the bottom of this post. These Kindle books will focus on ONE state only. They will have 27 consecutive Summary Reports from Book-1 (Sept 2015) to Book-27 (March 2016). All the hits will be highlighted in […]

Use the Top Matching Codes

I want to clarify something regarding the codes (which I explained in Book-28); in the case below, the codes you would use are the top 5 codes you see in red, NOT just 244 and 314.   Straight Group Matching 60 60 Numbers used: 442 313 241 321 314 144 323 432 444 211 144 […]

Book-28 (Preview of Secrets-4)

Book-28 will be out tomorrow, March 27. This book will give you a sneak peak of Secrets-4; which promises to be an AMAZING book! To make sure that Book-28 is in  your inbox in the morning, I suggest you join the 7 Day Club  if you have not done so already. For details on joining, […]

LOWER Price: Book-25, Book-26, Advanced Tracking, VIP are Now $2.99

Good Friday is tomorrow and I am in a Good Mood! So I decided to lower the price of some Kindle books, at least for the time being. And two of these come with codes for 60 day access! Just email me the code at the end of the book and I will give you 60 […]

My Most POWERFUL and ACCURATE Strategy

I will be revealing my most Powerful and Accurate strategy in Book-28 – and usually it will require that you play LESS than 10 numbers per week! I am never sure if my Kindle will be up on Amazon on Monday (March 28). To guarantee that you get it on SUNDAY morning, I suggest you […]

The 27 Report Books are Coming!

I will be starting a brand NEW book series soon. I will be putting out books with            27 consecutive reports for just ONE state. These Summary Reports will start from Book-1 (Sept 2015) to now, Book-27 (March 2016). Below is one of the covers!


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Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

Advanced Tracking Systems is up on Amazon!

Did you buy Book-26 on Amazon? (FREE Bonuses for You!)

Did you buy Book-26 on Amazon? If you did, I have a couple of FREE Bonuses for you!! Click on link below to open a PDF Report with all the details! Did You Buy Book-26 on Amazon