LOWER Price: Book-25, Book-26, Advanced Tracking, VIP are Now $2.99

Good Friday is tomorrow and I am in a Good Mood! So I decided to lower the price of some Kindle books, at least for the time being. And two of these come with codes for 60 day access! Just email me the code at the end of the book and I will give you 60 day access to my programs. This means that you are looking at 4 month access to my programs (if you email me both codes). These 4 kindle books are now priced at $2.99. Buy them now, before I raise the price again. (I just made the change; if it still shows $9.99, check again an hour or two later).


Advanced Tracking Systems: EXCELLENT book if you are interested in learning some of the absolute best strategies for tracking numbers on a draw to draw basis. This book has NEW and Unique material that I am sure you will not find anywhere else. It was priced at $9.99 – but it is now temporarily priced at $2.99; buy it soon before I raise the price again! (NOTE: You will have to have read Secrets-2 to really understand the strategies in this book.)– http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D0G75KS



Book-25: Explains Coding System 444 and comes with a code for 60 day access. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CO2M7SY



Book-26: This book has “The 10 Number System – Part 1: A (Virtually) Guaranteed Way to Win Consistently at the Pick 3 Game!!” I also discuss some advanced strategies, including:

•458 in New York
•First Learn the Basics
•Understanding the 60 Numbers
•Study First – Play Later
•UPDATE: How to Organize the Numbers: A Completely New and Better Way to Organize the Numbers That Hit!
•(START) Sunday———–Saturday (END)
•The Red Zone—–The End Zone
•The NEW 7 Day Review Layout
•The 10 Red Zone Numbers
•Only Focus on 3 Things
•Shooting Fish in a Barrel
•Past Numbers
•Other States/Countries
•The Report has Several Systems
•What You Must Do To Improve Your Game
•The 10 Numbers System – Part 1
•Coding System 444 Update: The 4 Types of Codes
•How About Doubles?




VIP: Explains my VIP program and comes with a code for 60 day access.

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