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HOT STATES for This Week (June 27-July 3)

One or all of these states should get a hit this week.I say that because these are hot states (they tend toget many hits with this system) – but they have notgotten a hit in the last TWO weeks; so they are due toget a hit soon. ARIZONA—Keys 79286Good for Sunday to Saturday (June 27 […]


I am testing something out. Please let me know if any of these numbers hit sometime between now and next Saturday (APRIL 25). CALIFORNIA—678 679 689 CONNECTICUT—678 679 689 789 FLORIDA—789 ILLINOIS—567 568 569 578 579 589 789 MISSOURI—789 TEXAS—567 568 569 578 579 589 NORTH CAROLINA—567 568 569 578 579 589 NEW JERSEY—789 NEW […]


Question: How can I find out what pairs will be hitting my state soon? Answer: Use the 4-DUE PAIRS program. Pairs Programs > 1-DUE PAIR > 2-DUE PAIRS > 3-DUE PAIRS > 4-DUE PAIRS <—————–THIS ONE > PAIR-REMOVAL Enter the last 100 numbers that hit your state starting from the most recent and going back (midday, […]

The TWO Number System (Pick 3) – NEW Report!

NEW Report! And it’s FREE! My latest report teaches you how to identify TWO super hot Pick 3 numbers to play in your state! This report is FREE! To get it, simply email me with this on the subject line of your email: “SEND – The TWO Number System (Pick 3)“. You can email me […]

The Rundown Strategy (NEW Report!)

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North Carolina: 012, 357, 346, 679, 016, 139, 179, 279

The Top 4 Box numbers in North Carolina are 012, 357, 346, 679. Believe me: one of these 4 numbers WILL be hitting NC soon. For a straight hit, pick one of these four numbers (012, 357, 346, 679) and play it 6 ways for a straight hit. 012 021 102 120 201 210 (6) 357 […]


QUESTION Do you happen to have a system that can give you related numbers? For example 241. What are all the possible related numbers?   ANSWER. YES I do. It’s the Plus 1/Minus 1 program. See examples of the output of this program below. (The program gives you box numbers and turns all straight numbers entered […]

The Rundown List Tracking System (FREE Report!)

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New and Improved Hit Parade List

I just improved my list of 50 hottest numbers that I mentioned on my last report. You will find that the numbers on this list hit consistently. The best time to think about playing numbers from this list is after none of them have hit in 4 or more drawings. They are bound to hit […]

NY This Week (July 17-23): 026, 028, 078, 079, 149, 156, 166, 167, 257 (9)

I just updated the codes for New York (Week 1 to Week 43) and unfortunately this resulted in 9 hot codes for NY, not 5. This means that there are 9 hot numbers for New York this week. Play them if you can afford to. If not, play the ones you like best. These numbers […]