Master Numbers

The Win 4 MASTER List of 42 Numbers (30 Doubles, 12 Triples)–SENT

I just found a way of  identifying the 42 absolute BEST numbers to play in the Win 4 game in ANY state. This Master List is made up of 30 doubles and 12 TRIPLES (30 + 12 = 42 total). I just sent out an email explaining the  basics of this system. Did you get […]

Play 578 and 469 in New York for a Week or Two

The following holds true if you have a 5dimes account or if you play New York numbers: Play 578 and 469 (box and straight) in New York for the next week or two. One or both of these two numbers should hit. ======================================= ======================================= Something every player needs is a list of the hottest 30 to […]

The Win 4 Master List (FREE)

I just made an incredible discovery and I will be sharing it with you FREE of charge. But first, a few facts about Win 4. There are 360 box doubles (1123, 3455, 4588). There are 210 box singles (1234, 2346, 5689, etc.). There are 90 box triples (1112, 2225, 5559) There are 45 box double-doubles […]

I Will be Sending out the Master Numbers for All 23 States on Sunday Sept 20 for FREE. Make Sure You Are on my Email List.

This will be an interesting experiment. I am very curious to see how many of them hit on the week of Sunday September 20 to Saturday September 26 (look at your calendar). Based on my back testing, these numbers HIT consistently. Another great thing about this list is that its fairly short. There will usually […]

Get the Master Numbers For Your State By Doing This

Always have the Master Numbers for your state in front of you. You get these numbers by getting the List-8 numbers from the Revelation 20, 40, and 60 programs and then copying them into the Group Matching System. The program will give you the 2-way and 3-way numbers. These 2-way and 3-way numbers are your […]