Play 578 and 469 in New York for a Week or Two

The following holds true if you have a 5dimes account or if you play New York numbers: Play 578 and 469 (box and straight) in New York for the next week or two. One or both of these two numbers should hit.

Something every player needs is a list of the hottest 30 to 40 box numbers in their state. These would be the hottest box numbers in the ENTIRE history of the game in the state – not just the hottest box numbers in the last month or two. If there is a publication or website available with this information, great. If not, you can get a good idea of the hottest numbers in your state by collecting all the numbers that hit your state in the last 3 years. If you are in a two draw per day state, this will be about 730 numbers per year (365 x 2) which will be about 2,190 numbers for 3 years.

What you then do is copy all these numbers into the Group Matching System program and then press Run System. The hottest numbers will be in the output neatly arranged from the hottest (up on top) to the coldest (1-way numbers at the bottom). You are interested in the top 30 to 40 numbers on this list. This will be your master list of numbers. If any of these numbers show up in the 4 Indicator Report, there is a very good chance that number will hit soon. The 35 hottest numbers in New York are in the report below (this list may apply to Florida since NY and FL numbers mirror each other). Click on the link to open the PDF. 


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