Pick 4

The “Win 4 Doubles Playlist” is Up and Running!

I have good news! The Win 4 Doubles Playlist program is up. This program will give you all the doubles for any digit entered. For example, if you enter the digit 6, it will give you the 36 doubles that have double 6. The output looks like this: Win 4 Doubles Playlist The 36 Doubles for 66xx 0166 […]

NEW Win 4 System (FREE Report)

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10 Hits in Ohio Last Month (NEW Report!)

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How to Make $6,000 Every Month

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How to Make a Living Playing Pick 3

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I Just Hit 7759 in New York (missed $2,250 payday!) (Hit 5263 too!)

I just hit the New York Win 4 AGAIN!  I hit 7759 BOX. If I would have played the numbers box and straight, I would have won $2,250. Oh well…next time! Below is just part of the output of the New York 66 program from last night. The full output shows 66 codes and the […]