Pick 4

How to Win $9000 Playing Win 4

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How to Make $1827 Every Week Playing Win 4!

Check your inbox if you are on my email list because I just sent out a VERY IMPORTANT PDF report titled How to Make $1827 Every Week Playing Win 4! If you did not get it, email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com with SEND $1827 REPORT on the subject line of your email and I will email […]

The Win 4 DAILY HITS Program is up! (TODAYS Numbers)

Good news! The Daily Hits program for the Win 4 game is up! GOLD SPECIAL > WIN 4 DAILY HITS <<<<==== NEW Program! > 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS > THE 50 GROUPS This is a Gold members only program. If you are a Gold member, you can login right now and enter the last 4 numbers that […]

5271 STRAIGHT in North Carolina

I posted 15 box numbers for the Win 4 game on this POST on Tuesday October 9. I used numbers starting from Saturday October 7 (two days before). These numbers are good for 2 WEEKS. This means that the 15 numbers are good from Sunday October 8 to Saturday October 21. Click on the link below to […]

15 Win 4 Numbers (Good until Oct 21)

This system is based on identifying six hot digits which are wheeled to generate 15 box numbers. I will explain the system I used to find the six digits at another time, for now I want to see how many of these numbers hit in the next two weeks. This system can be used to […]

Hit Win 4 STRAIGHT ($9,000) – Secrets Revealed

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent out the report for Georgia that I promised. But there is much more than just GA numbers in this report. In this report I reveal some incredible discoveries I made last night. For example; I found a way to get a straight hit using my […]

How to Hit Win 4 Straight

I just got an email from a player who wants to hit Win 4/Pick 4 straight. I have a couple of suggestions on how to achieve them, which I explain in the report below. Simply click on the link to open this PDF. Its FREE! How to Hit Win 4 Straight