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UPDATES for Sept 16; The $6696 System!

NEW REPORT! Click on the link below to open it! UPDATES for SEPT 16, 2018  

Good for NY This Week: 6942, 6640, 6880, 9522, 1184

Good for New York until Saturday Sept 22: 6942, 6640, 6880, 9522, 1184 10-Set: 118x, 337x, 300x, 998x By a 10-set I mean the 10 numbers that can be generated by adding the 10 digits to each triple. So the 10-set for 118x is 1180, 1181, 1182, 1183, 1184, 1185, 1186, 1187, 1188, and 1189.  […]

The Texas Win 4 System! ($750, $2250, $4500, $9000)

I have 3 Win 4 Kindles that I will be putting up on Amazon soon; for Texas, North Carolina, and Missouri. The Texas Kindle will be going up first. Then North Carolina, then Missouri. The basic text in each will be the same but the exact codes (and Excel sheet) for each Kindle will be unique to that […]

Coming Soon! The Missouri Win 4 System!

Coming Soon! The North Carolina Win 4 System!

This Kindle will be up on Amazon soon. In this Kindle I will explain the best strategies to use in the North Carolina Win 4 game. The purchase of this Kindle will include an Excel sheet; just email me the code on the last page of the Kindle and I will email you the sheet […]

Good for NY This Week: 1693, 1195, 0098, 1885, 6233

Good for New York until Saturday Sept 15: 1693, 1195, 0098, 1885, 6233 =================================== These are box numbers. I have reduced my list down to just 5 numbers. One or two of my numbers will hit in a MONTH. My numbers change every Saturday night; they are good for the next 7 days. See other notes […]

7 Win 4 Hits in TEXAS in Two Weeks!

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open up my latest PDF Report! 7 Win 4 Hits in TEXAS in 2 Weeks!