Private Coaching Available (Phone and Email)

My 7 Day Coding System is my best system. It can be used to code both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. Its a great system, but its not an easy system to learn. If you really want to learn this coding system but find it a bit too complicated (or you just want something […]

My 4 Level Training System

My 4 Level Training System

Annesta Won $909.60 (344 Straight in Ontario)!

  Hi Anthony, I am so excited to inform you that the code system has worked in Ontario, Canada. I followed your instructions as per your email on Tuesday and the gift of North Carolina. I got the hottest codes and index numbers. The two top codes gave an index number of 14, less than […]

The Only Way To Improve

EMAIL I JUST GOT We need your help. I bought your Followers-Delta 5 book through Amazon and back tested the month of July and August, but it does not work for our state.  I also back tested the Automatic Hit List for the month of July, but it did not give us results.  We also […]

The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed

I am putting the finishing touches on my next report titled: The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed And I have to tell you; this is going to be an amazing report. Right now I am up to 17 pages (pretty long by my standards; most of my reports are just a few pages long) […]

The Problem is Mental

EMAIL I JUST GOT:   Hi Anthony, How are you?  I’ve been using your BASIC BOX system here in Maryland. I started using it Oct. 22. Through tonight, it has hit on 31 of the past 34 days. Pretty good huh? Rather than play all 85 #’s, what I’ve been doing is combining it with another […]

New VISUAL Strategy

Visual Strategy (NEW!!) This weekend, for the first time ever, I taught somebody via a phone coaching session my brand new VISUAL system that allows you to narrow down the list of 85 Basic numbers down to 45, 30, and sometimes even 15 numbers. This system is excellent for those people who are not too comfortable […]

The Phone Coaching Process

For the phone coaching session, I suggest this process. (I describe this new service on this page.) I think you mean the phone coaching session. 1-Read the $6,600 report first. 2-Write down your questions. 3-Then we can schedule a time when we can talk on the phone.   Weekends are good if you have the time. […]

Phone Coaching for Members

New Phone Coaching Program If you join my ongoing monthly coaching program for $60 a month, you will get a 45 minute phone coaching session. During this coaching session, I will explain the Basic Box program, how it works, and how to get the most out of it. I will answer your questions and give […]

Join my Coaching Program NOW!

My Pick 3 game has gone to another level in just the last few days and I am about to make some major improvements to my programs on If you are on my coaching program and have access to all my programs 24/7, you will see the improvements over the next two weeks. As I said […]