Master 26

Major Discovery: Master 20

***Major Discovery!** The top 6 digits of the Reference Box can be wheeled into 20 numbers. One or two of these 20 numbers will many times hit in the next 4 drawings. It actually happened tonight in New York. The 579 that just hit was in the top 2 levels of the Reference Box. Master 20 10 […]

Master 26 Testing Instructions

I am posting this to be a guide to those who want to back test the Master 26 program. The numbers are to be entered from the most recent hit, and going back 9 more drawings, for a total of 10 numbers. See the following 4 drawings to see if you got a hit (WIN) […]

Daily Posting for New York

I will be posting the Master 26 numbers for New York  every night on my blog HERE You can read my predictions for New York to see how well the Master 26 program is performing. If you want to be a tester for this new program for your state (I can give you free […]

Testers Wanted for new “Master 26” Program

I just put up a brand new program at Master 26. This program is still in the experimental stages but it looks VERY promising. This program gives you 26 numbers that will hit sometime in the next 4 drawings. Sometimes the program gives you 2 hits. For example, here in New York, when I […]