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I Made a Mistake

I think I made a mistake by switching from the Reference Box 210 program (purple below) to the Visual Digit 200 program. I made the switch for coding purposes – but the Reference Box 210 program is actually better. I say that because the Reference Box 210 actually gives you ONE powerful STRAIGHT number that […]

Pick 4 STRAIGHT-The Sheet is Ready!

The Pick 4 sheet is ready. This sheet only gives you 11 STRAIGHT numbers to play. This sheet can be used in ANY state where the Pick 4 game is played. The numbers are good for two weeks. I added the sheet to these two products (so go back to them and download the Excel […]


I put up Pick 3 Excel sheets for some states – not all. However, I just put up a sheet you can use for your state. You can find it HERE. This sheet is good for ALL states. You just need to get the distribution of the last 200 numbers that hit your state. READ […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for November 27, 2022

If you see an error on the Sunday report, let me know.  650 was NOT on the list of numbers for New Jersey last week.  NEW JERSEY650 Hit on Wednesday November 23. ==================== Below are the hits for last week (November 20-26). ARIZONA352 Hit on Sunday November 20. ARKANSAS120 Hit on Monday November 21. CALIFORNIA635 […]

Missouri–Pick 4 Excel Sheet

The Pick 4 Excel sheet for Missouri is up HERE. Visual Digit Distribution-200200 Numbers used:9937 3550 4174 3940 0282 1311 4370 8646 4963 78937312 0527 3748 9075 2774 9490 0865 9286 8333 55196167 6664 4359 9756 2772 5611 7805 2784 8591 43360942 1419 4154 1344 1046 4125 3628 8042 8468 85329116 3606 3191 3036 1165 […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for November 20, 2022

Below are the hits for last week (November 13-19). ARIZONA324 Hit on Sunday November 13.534 Hit on Tuesday November 15. CONNECTICUT124 Hit on Wednesday November 16. FLORIDA825 Hit on Tuesday November 15. INDIANA163 Hit on Tuesday November 15.036 Hit on Tuesday November 15. LOUISIANA851 Hit on Sunday November 13. MARYLAND169 Hit on Friday November 18. […]

GEORGIA–Pick 4 Excel Sheet

The Georgia Excel sheet is up HERE. For an explanation of how to use the sheet, read the NEW Sheet-How to Use the Excel Sheet report in the New York section. The last 200 numbers are on the bottom of this post. 1555 Hit as 5551 on Tuesday. Visual Digit Distribution-200200 Numbers used: NOVEMBER 123740 […]

8988 in NEW YORK

I just updated the Pick 4 sheet for NEW YORK…you can find it HERE. I am posting the sheet HERE. This new sheet replaces the previous sheet. Look at the list of straight numbers from last week (OCT 29). One of the numbers is 8989. The number 8988 hit 7 days last – not a […]

177 and 760 Just Hit California

177 is on the sheet as 771 (this weeks sheet). 760 came from last weeks sheet; its on the sheet as 067 and 076–The California sheet is HERE. IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the top TWO red numbers on each sheet (026 170 and 076 120). If you don’t see one of these two numbers hit […]

887 Straight in California

Here is a recent straight hit from a sheet. Below is the sheet for CA for OCT 29. 887 is one of the 8 straight numbers for the week. It hit 3 days later on November 1. Sheets are available for purchase HERE.