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Four Most Due Pairs in NY Right Now: 06, 07, 15, 13

What are the 4 most due pairs in your state right now? You can find out quickly simply by entering the last 100 numbers that hit your state into the 4-DUE PAIRS program.  Pairs Programs > 1-DUE PAIR > 2-DUE PAIRS > 3-DUE PAIRS > 4-DUE PAIRS > PAIR-REMOVAL > DUE PAIRS-60 > DUE PAIRS-40 […]

20 Number Maximum (NEW Better System!)

I just made a dramatic improvement to my coding system. I have been getting several hits per week in NY as you can see HERE –  but I have been playing 30 to 50 numbers per week to get these hits (I am playing these numbers for 0.25 cents box at I am still showing a […]

Good for 3 Days in NY: Thu, Fri, Sat

Good for 3 Days in NY: Thu, Fri, Sat 025, 029, 058, 067, 069, 078, 079, 089, 258


If you previously purchased the Coding Report, Book-3 (The 3 Week Trigger) or you took my Training, check your inbox. I just sent you the updated edition of Book-4. In this book I explain (among other things) exactly what I did to get 7 hits last week in the Pick 3 game in New York. […]

Good for NY This Week: 067, 079, 234, 347

Testing something out. Good for NY this week: 067, 079, 234, 347  

Good for NY until Saturday June 30 

Best Pairs: 06, 09, 35  Other Pairs: 02, 08, 25, 34 There is like a 99.9% chance that pair 06 or 09 will hit in the next 7 days. Maybe they will both hit. The other good pair for the week is 35. These are the corresponding playlists for these pairs: 060 061 062 063 […]

Book-4 Has Been Updated (5 to 8 hits next week!)

I have 5 updates. 1-I just updated Book-4. It now has my absolute BEST strategies for getting 5 to 8 hits PER WEEK in the Pick 3 game (this assumes you know how my coding system works and that you are playing the numbers at This book is free if you previously purchased the […]

3 Hits in One Day! 196, 196, 032

I hit 196 box TWICE today and 032. That’s 7 hits so far this week! 1-Do what you have to do to learn my 7 Day Coding System. Go HERE for details.  2-After you read the Coding Report and/or Book-3, email me to get Book-4 (its free).  3-Click on the link on the previous post […]

How to Get 8 Hits in One Week!

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open it! How To Get 8 Hits in One Week ======================================== My Box Hits This Week So Far: 196 and 034 on Friday 034 on Tuesday 746 and 920 on Monday 547 on Sunday  

10 Super Numbers for YOUR State!

Click on the link below to open my PDF. 10 Super Numbers-JUNE-17-23 Look for your state on the list. The numbers are good for this week: Sunday June 17 to Saturday June 23. Some of these numbers already hit! These 10 numbers come from my brand new 10 Super Numbers program: Best Programs > 8 SUPER […]