Book-4 Has Been Updated (5 to 8 hits next week!)

I have 5 updates.

1-I just updated Book-4. It now has my absolute BEST strategies for getting 5 to 8 hits PER WEEK in the Pick 3 game (this assumes you know how my coding system works and that you are playing the numbers at This book is free if you previously purchased the Coding Report, Book-3 or took the Training.

2-Book-4 will be free until July 7. After that it will be $60. So I suggest you purchase the Coding Report, Book-3 or take my Training sometime between now and July 7. Go here for more details:

3-If you recently got Book-4, email me with this on the subject line of your email and I will send you the new updated edition: SEND UPDATED BOOK-4

4-I will be repeating what I did this week NEXT week: 5 to 8 hits!

5-I will send out and post the exact numbers I will be playing in New York this coming week (June 24-June 30). I will send out my numbers tonight!


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