Reference Box

The Incredible 3×3 Box

I have found that MANY hits come from the top 3 levels of the Reference Box 10 program when the last 200 numbers are used (do this on Saturday night; the box is good for the next TWO weeks). Either of these two programs can be used: For example, below is the current output for […]

How to Create a Reference Box

To understand the Leader System you will have to know my Reference Box and Revelation Box strategies. The easiest way to learn what these are is to read My Top System Kindle book HERE. Another way is to read this post I put up a while back on Lottery Post: How to Create a Reference […]

The Revelation Box is the Improved Reference Box

Somebody should go to this thread and mention the Revelation Box: That is what TasBob wants to know….because the Revelation Box is the improved Reference Box. ============================ By the way, I will explain both the Reference Box and the Revelation Box in detail in my next book…which should be up on Amzon this week.

A BIG Improvement to the Top 3 Revelation Programs!

The top 3 Revelation programs (using 20, 40, and 60 drawings) are awesome…but they are about to become even better and more accurate. Below is the NEW updated output for ALL 3 programs. This new updated version will predict MANY hits! It will be up in a day or two. Notice that the new version […]

Back to Basics: The Reference Box

If you are beginner, you may feel overwhelmed with everything I am throwing at you: Revelation 4X, Straight matching system, ABC list, etc. So it might be a good idea if you are new to my stuff to go back to the beginning and learn about one of my original systems: the Reference Box….which can […]

New Report for 8-20-2014

New Report: Find out what’s working right now in Pick 3! Whats-Working-Now-Aug-20-2014

Update for Sunday June 15

Today is Sunday June 15. Three announcements. If you play New York numbers or if you have a 5dimes account, pay attention to these numbers in the next few days, with a special emphasis on 358, 359, 368, 369. All 8 numbers are good until TWO of them hit: 348 349 357 358 359 368 […]

New Jersey: 386 on the RB 3-8 Program

386 hit New Jersey yesterday. It was on the Reference Box 3-8 program. This program only uses the last 8 numbers. Reference Box 3-8 8 numbers used: 848 612 202 926 006 539 327 833 RB3: 8 0 2 0 2 6 2 3 3 ============================================================= Lesson for Beginners The DTD program has the winning […]