DR20 SYSTEM Program Moved

This program is now higher up on the menu. This program uses the last 20 drawings. This program turns all numbers into box numbers and gives the corresponding REVELATION box for the 20 numbers entered (for an explanation of both the Reference Box and the Revelation box, read THIS KINDLE). Example: in a Revelation Box […]

378 Just Hit Texas

378 just hit Texas. It was predicted by the DR20 system. I suggest using this system day to day in Texas. In other words; wait for the 4th and last number to hit TX tonight to get the 10 or 20 numbers. The numbers you get tonight will be good for the 4 drawings in […]

The DR20 Trick for VIRGINIA

There is a little trick you can use when you get five digits with the DR20 program. You use this trick to get six digits. When you have six digits, you will many times get a hit in the next day or two. For example, below you see the output from the DR20 program for […]

The DR20 SYSTEM in Georgia (FREE Report!)

NEW Report! Click on link below to open my NEW Report! The DR20 SYSTEM in GEORGIA You can also download it HERE. 

VIP Special Report: The DR20 Problem Solved!

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