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The 15 Number Strategy

New report for Friday October 31. The 15 Number Strategy  

Update on the $6,600 System

Update on the $6,600 System Update on the $6600 System

36 Numbers for Sunday October 26

Click on link below for my 36 Number Report.  36 Numbers for Sun Oct 26

FREE Access Tonight (“The Blackout”)

You can login into Pick3 programs for FREE tonight sometime around 10PM. You will have access until tomorrow midnight. Here is the login information: Login page: EMAIL: Password: 45678 Click on link below to open report with more details. FREE-ACCESS-SUNDAY-OCT-26 ============================================ Also, there are several new people on my email list and who […]

912 and 482 hit North Carolina Yesterday

 912 and 482 hit North Carolina yesterday (Thursday Oct 23, 2014). They were BOTH on the Basic Box program!   Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 625 491 266 033 624 506 284 906 689 332 Digit Distribution Box 6 2 3 0 4 9 5 8 1 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 6-4-1 […]

How to Reduce the 85 Basic Numbers

How to Reduce the 85 Basic Numbers Click on link below to open up this Brand New report! How to Reduce the 85 Basic Numbers

I Do NOT Have Any Money at 5dimes….YET

I have gotten a few emails from people saying that (1) they have no money to put on 5dimes OR (2) they want to put money on their 5dimes account but they don’t have the money. I personally have NOT put any money on my 5dmies account yet. I have been through this before (a […]

FREE Access Sunday Oct 26 + CONTENT

I am giving everybody FREE access to on Sunday October 26 for 24 hours. Here is the login information: Login page: EMAIL: Password: 45678 Click on the link at the end of this post to open a PDF report containing more details.  I will be sending out the updated “2-Level System” report for FREE […]

Numbers for New York for Tomorrow

Several people have emailed me and told me that they are not getting my emails every night with my New York numbers for the following day. So what I decided to do from now on is to post them on a page on a page on this blog every night. From now on, just go to his page […]

My Excel Tracking Sheet

Click below to open up my Excel tracking sheet. Daily-Tracking I suggest you come up with a similar tracking sheet for the states you are playing. Let me explain what you are seeing here. Rows C, G, and K have the three key digits from the Basic Box program. I  have shaded in gray when there is a […]