I Do NOT Have Any Money at 5dimes….YET

I have gotten a few emails from people saying that (1) they have no money to put on 5dimes OR (2) they want to put money on their 5dimes account but they don’t have the money.

I personally have NOT put any money on my 5dmies account yet.

I have been through this before (a hot system with a lot of promise) so I am not caught up in the excitement of the moment.

I am pretty calm about it.

I am being patient.

What I am doing now is very carefully planning everything out, step by step. 

I am coming up with the Rules that will tell me exactly how to respond when certain things happen. I laying out the specific targets I have to hit before raising my bet. I am anticipating everything that can possibly happen ahead of time.

I am leaving nothing to chance.

I am deciding exactly what to do—BEFORE I put any money on my 5dmies account.

Now, my question to you is: Are you being this careful in planning out your betting strategy before putting money in your account? Most likely, the answer is NO—which explains why most people eventually lose everything they deposit on their 5dimes account. Most people put money in their account without first having a detailed written strategy in place.

Most people are ruled by EMOTION – not logic.

I suggest you adopt a playing strategy based on LOGIC and reason. 

Bottom line; Don’t be too quick to put money in your account to start using the Basic Box program right away. Be patient. Plan ahead. Anticipate everything that will happen ahead of time.

I am personally working on a system right now (and man, what a system it is!) with very detailed Rules on exactly what to do every step of the way….resulting in $6,600 a month income.

So I will put money in my account when I am good and ready—not before.




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