Making Money

Buy some STOCKS—-$1,124,880

Pick 3 is a hobby….and nothing else. Pick 3 is NOT a money making system. Yes…you will get lucky from time to time and get a few hits. But over the long term you will actually LOSE money. That is why I recommend that you have other ways of making money. I have learned (the […]

How to Make $1500 a Month

Question and Answer Hi Anthony. I’ve followed you for quite a while and I need your advice, insight, opinion and strategy on something.  I need to make an extra $1,500 a month.  I feel I can do it with the pick3/pick4 games.  Do you have a strategy that can consistently (almost guarantee) one number that […]

The $600 Profit System!

New Experimental System Made Me $600 on Paper! My NEW Report describes this system in detail so you can test it out in YOUR state as well.  This report will only be available to current members of my coaching program. If you are on my paid coaching program now, email me with this on the […]

My Ultimate Goal: $10K a Month

First Point: I discuss my NEW Pick 3 strategies on this blog. These strategies are more effective and more powerful than my OLD strategies. So pay more attention to what I am saying NOW than to what I said on a report a year ago. I am a big believer on always improving my systems so […]

The $49 MOBE Special

I am going to try something here – but this is not for everybody. As some of you know, I joined a very profitable money making program this year and even started a blog about it ( Some people on my Pick 3 list have already joined actually. And I think that everybody else is very curious […]

My NEW Money Blog is Ready!

I told you about my new money blog a few days ago. Well, it’s now ready! Read the post at the bottom FIRST: “1. Today is Wednesday Jan 15, 2014“ Here it is: