Super Six

KERALA India: 1-5-4-0-6-9

The Pick 3 game can be simplified if you only use SIX digits. This limits the playing field. One way of getting six hot digits is to find the 10 most due pairs (just enter the last 100 numbers into the 10 DUE PAIRS program….see the bottom of this page). For example, the 10 most […]


Check your inbox. I just sent out (from my moneymachine email) the excel sheet for MISSOURI. This sheet will give you the six hottest digits for the MO Pick 3 game. The sheet predicted 6 NUMBERS last week! (AUG 4 to AUG 10). If you did not get the sheet, check your spam folder. If you do not […]

A Very Cool Trick (New Report!)

Click on the link below to open my new PDF report! A Very Cool Trick

349 Straight in Florida Using the Super Six Program

Travious got a straight hit in Florida using the Super Six program!

How to Use the Cheat Sheet and SS Program Together to Get Hits In the Pick 3 Game

280 just hit New York and it’s on the Cheat Sheet for New York. Its also a Meta number; its on both the straight and box list (click below to open the cheat sheet if you don’t have it). 30 Day Cheat Sheet for August 2015 If you play the New York numbers, a question […]

“Always enter the most recent number first” – NEW REPORT!

Click on link below to open my latest report for Sunday July 26, 2015. MOST-RECENT-FIRST-JULY-26-2015

Recent Results in Nebraska

You can see the Nebraska results HERE.  Super Six 10 Numbers used: 222 968 133 077 706 272 357 094 634 480 Digit Distribution Box 2 7 0 3 4 6 8 9 1 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 2-4-1 Coldest/Missing: 5 Super Six 2-4-1-5-8-7 124 125 127 128 145 147 148 157 […]

Nebraska Hits from the Followers and Super Six

Recent Follower Hits 507 hit on June 29 (a follower of 023) 480 hit on July 3 (a follower of 079) Super Six-June 30 10 Numbers used: 090 507 320 884 081 170 452 914 325 556 Digit Distribution Box 0 5 1 2 4 8 3 7 9 Hottest Digits for the Next Two […]

378 Just Hit New York (Midday June 27, 2015)

LESSON: Match the 20 Super Six numbers with the followers of the last TWO numbers.  378 is in the Super Six list and it’s one of the followers of 022 (which hit NY for midday yesterday). Super Six 10 Numbers used: 591 202 324 576 273 919 921 802 952 703 Digit Distribution Box 2 […]

NY Report: Automatic Hot List, Super Six, Followers, Group Matching

UPDATE: I posted the lists below on Friday morning (June 26). I posted these lists to make a point: the brand NEW Automatic Hot List program WORKS…and you can reduce the list by cross-referencing it with other lists…specially the followers list (which I am now offering at a special price: email me for details). RESULT: 591 hit […]