I just made an INCREDIBLE Discovery

I just found out that the ABCDE coding system can be used to identify the doubles that are most likely to hit in any state in the Win 4/Pick 4 game. For example, the hottest doubles in NEW YORK are 22xx and 33xx. This means that these two doubles hit NY constantly. Below is the full list of doubles for 22 […]

NEW Pick 3 Report! (FREE)

Click on link below to open this free report.  How to Find Good Doubles to Play

“What Double Should I Play This Week?”

A good double to play every week is the first digit in the five digits in line 1. So if the first of the five digits is 5, play 55x for the week (Sunday to Saturday, 7 days). If the first digit is 0, play 00x, and so forth. Below are three examples from Book-32 […]

Why I Only Play Singles

I have gotten a few emails lately from people asking me for strategies on how to hit singles. Here is my response to one of those emails: =================================================================== I have a system that hits virtually every day now. Why are you wondering off and trying to work on doubles? Singles hit 72% of the time; that […]

The 36 Doubles That Matter the Most

I just put up two “Super List 136” programs based on an experimental list. After the program was up, I figured out a way to shrink it down to just 100 numbers. This means that I will soon replace these 136 numbers with just 100 numbers.  My future “Super List 100” programs will replace this list […]

The Top 40 Doubles in Pick 3

You will notice that my programs do not give you doubles. That’s because 72% of the numbers that hit in Pick 3 are singles. Doubles hit only 27% of the time.  So I focus mostly on singles. However, I list the top 40 doubles in the “Super List 120” program at the bottom. If you […]

NJ has 6 Doubles and VA has 4 Doubles

I want to give everybody a heads up; New Jersey just got 6 back to back doubles: And Virginia just got 4 back to back doubles: If you are brand new; this means that singles are about to hit next, especially in New Jersey. This is the best time to start using my C100 system. […]